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This page is about the method of travel. For other uses, please see Landmarks (disambiguation).

Landmarks are common areas known to all adventurers by the time they reach age 18. One may WALK TO a landmark as long as they are within 100 steps of the location, and not in a subdivision or on the wilderness map.

General landmark types include:

Arena, Bank, Barracks, Casino, House Estates, Exit, Feature, Forge, Humgii, Laboratory (in cities which allow Alchemists), Library, News, Post Office, Ratman, Religious, Restaurant, Stables, Subdivision, Tutor
Aerinewild, Aureliana Forest, Black Forest, Brass Lantern Inn, Chapel of All Gods, Vundamere Fishing Shed, Flame of Yggdrasil, the hatchery in the Mhojave Desert, Kavaya, North of New Thera, Seasone, Three Moons Glade, and the Western Ithmia forest
Mount Gheladan, gnomes in the village of Gorshire, imps in the Ember Tower, kobolds in the Libra Dungeon, Minia, pixies in the Pixie Village, and wildcats
Actar Valley, Bagwar's Copse, Bitterfork, Caer Witrin, Delos, Enverren Marsh, Genji, Great Rock, Jaru, Manara, Moghedu, New Hope, New Thera, Petra, Shastaan, Tasur'ke, the Thraasi Foothills, Tir Murann, and Tomacula
Adventurers can designate personal landmarks across the lands. Each adventurer starts with 15 marks, but may expand on this capability at the cost of 100 lessons per additional mark (up to a grand total of 45 additional marks).
Walking to Denizens and Adventurers

Adventurers can walk to any denizen that isn't owned by another player, i.e. loyal steeds and pets. Whenever possible, it's best to use a denizen's name when walking to them. If there's more than one denizen with the same name, such as pixies or goblins, then gambling adventurers may find the results of walking to them a bit unpredictable at times.

An added benefit of joining a house or city is the ability to WALK TO <members> of those organisations. Adventurers with the Beloved trait may also walk to their mutual friends.

Finally, adventurers can use the distance ability in the skill of Survival to sense the distance to a given landmark or another adventurer, but not denizens.