New Hope

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The Isle of New Hope
Leader The Abbess
Religion Lucretius
Discoverer A group of adventurers led by Riashain a'Bertal


The isle of New Hope is located just southwest of the sunken city of Shallam. Along the northern coast of the island lies a small village founded a short time before the fall of the Seleucarian Empire. Fruit orchards lie to the east of the area and a path on the western side of the island leads up to rocky hillsides and grassy plains at the foot of Mount Luth. Along the southern side of the mountain a narrow passage leads down an ocean cliff to perilous rocks, choppy waters, and crashing waves. Also on the mountain is a small network of caves that leads to a dark grotto.


Originally sponsored by the Church, New Hope was founded as a sanctuary for the citizens of Shallam who found themselves weary of endless conflict. In mid-Chronos of the year 423 AF a fisherman from Jaru enlisted the help of a group of able-bodied adventurers to assist him in finding the way to a nearby island, as his daughter was ready to follow their family's tradition to join the sisters of a small monastery there. Once the adventurers, led by Riashain a'Bertal and armed with the fisherman's scant memory of its whereabouts, found the correct location Trevalyan Veritus retraced their path to collect young Heddah where she waited in Jaru and escorted her back to the island. While the group explored New Hope, learning about the island and its history, the fisherman was escorted back to Jaru by Goryllin Dawyn.


  • the Abbess
  • Andari, keeper of the orchards
  • Balban, the fisherman
  • Sister Coranne
  • Ferrin, proprietor of the Tavern of Hope
  • Sister Heddah
  • Sister Ilain
  • Orotor, the butcher
  • Sirawyn, the fallen priestess
  • Tasca, the mazaran trainer
  • Sister Thelia
  • Others include a towhead boy who digs in the sand upon the beach, men and women of the village, priestesses who live in the monastery, and vigilant riders mounted upon mazaran horses.


The people of New Hope are led by a small sisterhood of priestesses, whose monastery is the literal and spiritual centre of the community. The young women allow Light to guide their actions and welcome visitors to their home asking only in return the respect of their peaceful lifestyle.


The Tavern of Hope is located just north of the monastery and serves a variety of local edibles. Situated on the western side of the island north of the orchards is a well-kept stable that sells a variety of mazaran horse mounts.

Flora and Fauna

The island and its surrounding waters are filled with animals both wild and domestic as well as exotic fruit-bearing trees and plants.

The waters heading toward the island can prove dangerous for unexperienced adventurers as the fins of spearhead sharks can be seen cutting through the water. Giant sea turtles rest upon azure waves, while partially opened oyster shells lay among the beds of aquatic kelp that thrives in the salty water.

Playful fishing dogs can be found romping and capering both upon the tropical beach and in the village upon the island. Fruit orchards grow on the eastern side of the island and produce fruits such as round breadfruit, sugar apples, guava fruit, persimmons, purple passionfruit, large plantains, and juicy oranges. Among the fruit-bearing perennials myrrh bushes, ginseng plants, wild ginger plants, lobelia wildflowers, red elm trees, and purple coneflowers can be found growing in abundance.

The hills above the village are home to several species of animals and types of plants and can be found in their respective landforms. On a rocky hillside that offers panoramic views of the village, sleek silver panthers prowl about the ready to pounce anything that moves amidst the bayberry trees and hawthorn plants growing in the area. The hills lead to a series of grassy plains and shallow depressions where baboons, mazaran horses, and feral dogs make their home among lady's slipper plants and goldenseal flowers.

An obsidian cave on the island is home to dozens of black bats and Sirawyn, the fallen priestess. Irid moss and bloodroot plants flourish in the damp atmosphere of this subterranean den.

Eagle-eyed explorers might find a way down the island cliffs for a closer view of the ocean. Here, beds of kelp grow in the frothy waters just off shore. Black and white avocets can be seen wading in the surf while saltwater crocodiles bask in the sun.