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The Village of Tasur'ke
Leader the Elders of Tasur'ke
Allies Hashan
Exports wool, granite, kawhe

Tasur'ke is a small seaside village located northeast of Hashan. It is best known for its vast quantity of oysters and a thriving pearl industry. It is governed by Tasur'ke's Elders, but only one makes himself available to talk to adventurers. He can be found standing on the shores dressed in deep blue robes, gazing out at the ocean. His grandson is Tylore, the rascal who plays by the village gates.


Sitting on the northeastern corner of Sapience, Tasur'ke faces the vast Eastern Ocean. Thalassa Market takes up the largest portion of the village, with the Seabreeze Tavern and the citizen baths on the west side and the Flowering Sands Inn to the east, just past the market. The Temple of the Moon is located here on the outskirts of the village. Further east, on the coast just off the beach, is the Tower of the Blue Abyss, a temple of the old Sea God, Caspian. The tower is now under the care of His son, Neraeos, the new God of the Sea.

During the Catarine Dominion, the town underwent a massive expansion project.


The villagers of Tasur'ke are commonly called Tasur or Thalassans.

Other villagers include the numerous young children and townswomen, a drunken vagrant who lurks behind the tavern, and a travelling minstrel. Aside from those, a cadre of ne'er-do-wells running an exotic-animal smuggling ring also lurks beneath the village. Among them:

Mercenary guards and salty smugglers also roam the caverns beneath Tasur'ke.


The village of Tasur'ke is a peaceful, friendly community under the leadership of elders. The only threat, other than the sharks in the water, are adventurers. Their biggest form of commerce comes from sales of wood and cloth commodities and their unique pearl jewellery.


There are many shops in Tasur'ke. One of interest is Allira's crystal shop, where she supplies crystals to rogue Magi for a price. Adventurers may also purchase jewellery from the Praetoria Pelagium, and wood and cloth commodities from the centre of Thalassa market. Visitors might also have a go at creating their own fruit candies in Allea's candy shop or purchase fishing equipment from Lexil's bait shop.

Notable locations

Tasur'ke is home to the famed Garden of Whispers as well as the Grotto of Song.

Flora and Fauna

The seaside location of Tasur'ke ensures a steady growth of kelp and a healthy supply of oysters. Aggressive sharks are also native to the coast of the village and are known to feed on the many novices and Magi who go pearling in the waters. A number of cats have taken up residence in the village and dragonflies are also a common sight. The Garden of Whispers and the neighbouring Gardens of Moonlight and the Sacred Sea provide a break from the sandy sights to provide a mystical vision of greenery and flowers.

Contrabandists sometimes smuggle exotic animals to Tasur'ke like kamatlans, fern beasts, and rock hide basilisks.