Aureliana Forest

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Bright and deciduous, the Aureliana Forest rests on the eastern bank of the river Urubamba, west of Lake Vundamere, north of the Mannaseh Swamp, and south of the Crystal Leaf Inn. The forest spirit of the Aureliana is the fair voiced Calliope. Oaks and maples grow in abundance here, and Elducia, the Zoologist, lives here studying the squirrels, deer, hedgehogs and rabbits that make these sunlit boughs and brush their home. The Aurelian owl is a species native to this forest. The Silverlode Falls are a popular attraction for adventurers visiting the area.

The Mesmerium, the former public temple of Valnurana, Goddess of Dreams, may be found within, and it is also in the Aureliana that one might find the concealed entrance to the Aerinewild. It is not all smiles and leaves, though, for it is here that a hidden troop of bandits makes camp, ready to ambush the unwary. The Aureliana is considered the sister forest of the Black Forest, which lies directly opposite it, separated by the Urubamba River.