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Leader Mayor Cotridge
Religion Bloodsworn Gods
Allies Targossas

Jaru is a small village that lies west of the ruins of Shallam upon the bank of the Pachacacha River. The neighboring city was historically fiercely protective of the Jaruvians and came to their aid many times prior to its destruction, most notably during invasion by the city of Mhaldor. In the 360s AF, a back and forth struggle between the two cites resulted in the Battle of Jaru.

Spring of 737 AF saw Targossian overtures of friendship and by autumn an alliance with the city-state was officiated in the newly-renovated village chapel.


Jaru sits at the eastern end of the Southern Road, bordered by the Shamtota Hills to the west and the Pash Valley to the north. It sits just north of the Peshwar Delta beside the lower Pachacacha River, and a bridge connected the town to the nearby city of Shallam. The entire east side of town is devoted to docks and shipping yards, where the ships Sea Jewel and Seamule are moored. A few small farms can be found in the north end of the town.


The inhabitants of Jaru are chiefly fishermen and sailors. There are, however, a few notable exceptions. Figures of the town include:




The Jaruvians held a strong connection with the people of neighboring Shallam, who allied with them against various threats throughout their history. The inhabitants worship various divine associated with the ideals of Good, such as Lorielan and Tarah, whose grove was once located within the village. It was to Jaru that survivors fled when the Jewel of the East was destroyed and it was there that many spent their time despite finding refuge on New Hope.

Father Garron, ever a devotee of Deucalion, runs a small chapel in honour of the Bloodsworn Gods near the west gate of town.


There are a few shops in the small village, including The "Sleeping with the Fishes" Inn, which sells pirate and fisherman themed clothing, as well as a few local alcoholic delights. Gunder's Fine Fish sells locally caught seafood, including salmon steaks and hot crab cakes. Many visitors to the town come for the Southern Warehouse, which sells the commodities leather and rope.

Flora and Fauna

A few small gardens at the north end of town attempt to grow various vegetables, but they are rather unsuccessful due to a nasty rodent problem. Many of the gardens are completely dug up and entirely unusable.

Pelicans can often be found flying around the harbour on the east end of town, and a small kitten named Patches is often seen wandering the streets.