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The Village of Genji
Leader Gaharas, daughter of Gehan
Religion Gaia
Founder Gehan, founder of Genji
Allies Caer Witrin
Enemies the manticores

Genji is a small village of Atavians in the Southern Vashnars.


Genji was founded by Gehan, an Atavian who led a group of his fellows from Arcadia after they had rejected their race's traditional worship of Vastar. Genji Atavians instead worship Agatheis. Gehan is no longer the leader of this village, however, having died to a group of manticores that reside nearby. After being attacked and captured, Gehan was eventually found by adventurers near death. The founder swore to never reveal the location of Arcadia, only forsaking this oath upon the last few minutes of his life. The Atavians from this village are known for having a deep hatred of the creatures that took the life of their leader.

In the Year 710 AF, after the death of Agatheis to Lord Bal'met, Genji decided that they needed a new direction to follow, so it called all the religons to meet with the village and discuss the possiblity of a new patron for the village. Many different tracts of life met with the village to discuss their philosophies and their ideals with the villagers. It was in the year 715 AF that the village decided to follow the ideals of Gaia.


Genji is located in the northwestern section of the Southern Vashnars. An old rope bridge begins the path up the steep mountain upon which the village resides, and not too far away the caves of the Manticore Lair dwell damp and dark. The journey to Genji is riddled with possible dangers, as one must navigate through the harsh mountain environment and avoid aggressive creatures such as grizzly bears and mountain drakes.


Other denizens include Atavian villagers and warriors.


There are a few shops located within the village. Tinja owns the majority of these, having taken over Gehan's position after his death. Genji's Jewellery Shop offers a small selection to visitors, including jade necklaces and rings. Not far from this shop resides the Shop of the Archers, containing bows, quivers, and arrows for the legendary Atavian archers. At the Genji market, various items are sold as well, though most are imported. An Atavian stable sells expensive, but beautiful creatures, including the alabaster pegasus, amongst others.