Western Ithmia

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The Western Ithmia is an old forest comprised mainly of oaks and elms, located in the heart of Sapience. Separated from the Northern and Eastern Ithmias by the Zaphar River, the forest is bordered by the Prelatorian Highway to the south and a dirt road leading to Hashan on its northwest. Its shy inhabitants, the dryads, move quietly among the trees, and the forest is watched over by Clio, Spirit of the Western Ithmia.

The forest is also home to the Primordial Forest (ancient temple of Gaia), the Cave of Maya, and the small village of Bagwar's Copse. Near its northwest edge lies the concealed Lake Narcisse, and at its southern tip is the druidic community of Sparrow's Rest. Along with the typical creatures one might expect to find in the forest, the Western Ithmia is also home to golden lion tamarins.