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There are several stables across the lands where mounts of all sizes are sold to adventurers.

The higher an adventurer achieves in the Riding skill, the more mounts and skills they will have available to them. Additionally, a mount with wings will be able to carry its owner into the skies once the owner reaches the ability of Flying.

Mount owners must remember to feed their new steed, or the mount will starve to death. Mounts can be fed with any food from across the land. To feed your mount, you must use the following syntax: FILL <mount> FEEDBAG WITH <food>.

A Collar of Lupus will reset your loyal mount to your inventory approximately every eighteen Achaean days and will ensure it may never permanently die.


There are several mount sizes: Mule, pony, lighthorse, mediumhorse, heavyhorse, warhorse, greaterwarhorse, and legendsteed.

stubborn mule, small burro, A stubborn mule of Moghedu.
sleek pony, stocky gypsy's pony.
light horse, sorrel desert mare, blue roan, black and white striped zebra.
medium horse, rugged war goat, proud, black desert stallion, dromedary camel, majestic stag, painted mazaran.
heavy horse, ebony mazaran.
war horse, gleaming black riodian war horse, snowy white riodian war horse, long-horned battle ram, large domesticated ant, russet mazaran.
greater war horse, mighty midnight charger, regal golden charger, heavy battle camel, exotic red stallion.
dire bat, stone gargoyle, blood steed, war elephant, giant eagle, noble hippogriff, alabaster pegasus, storm bull, imposing boar, woolly mammoth, giant tortoise, Baarian tiger.


Each stable across Sapience has a few mounts for sale, all reasonably priced considering the responsibility of owning a pet.

The Delosian Stables - Delos
A stubborn mule - 1500gp
A sleek pony - 2000gp
A light horse - 4000g
A medium horse - 6000gp
A heavy horse - 10000gp
A war horse - 20000gp
A greater war horse - 40000gp
Ancient Stables - Blackrock
A small burro - 1400gp
A large domesticated ant - 31000gp
An Atavian Stables - Genji
A giant eagle - 115000gp
A noble hippogriff - 125000gp
An alabaster pegasus - 145000gp
A paddock behind the stable - Isle of New Hope
A painted mazaran - 7500gp
An ebony mazaran - 12000gp
A russet mazaran - 22000gp
Cage's Copse - Azdun
A dire bat - 115000gp
A stone gargoyle - 125000gp
A blood steed - 145000gp
Small stables - Dwarven Camp
A rugged war goat - 7300gp
A long-horned battle ram - 25500gp
The Aran'riod Stables - Aran'riod
A gleaming black riodian war horse - 25000gp
A snowy white riodian war horse - 25000gp
A woolly mammoth - 145000gp
The El'Jazirian Stables - El'Jazira
A sorrel desert mare - 4600gp
A proud, black desert stallion - 6900gp
A dromedary camel - 7500gp
A heavy battle camel - 50000gp
A war elephant - 138000gp
The Manushan Stables - Manusha
A stocky gypsy's pony - 2500gp
A black and white striped zebra - 5500gp
The Moghedu Stables - Moghedu
A stubborn mule of Moghedu - 1750gp
The Tomaculan Stables - Tomacula
A blue roan - 4800gp
A mighty midnight charger - 46000gp
A regal golden charger - 46000gp
A storm bull - 135000gp
The Tsol'aan Stables - Tsol'aa village
A majestic stag - 7500gp
An imposing boar - 135000gp
Livestock Auction - Zanzibaar
An exotic red stallion - 60000gp
A Baarian tiger - 135000gp
A giant tortoise - 155000gp

Promotional Mounts

These steeds have legendary status and had limited availability, typically only for a few years at a time. They include(d):

Type Name Released
Albatross a formidable sea-spray albatross 2016 Mar (Wheel)
Bear a lean grizzly bear 2017 Feb (Wheel)
Camel a saddled camel 2015 Dec (Stockings)
Caribou a bull caribou 2015 Dec (Stockings)
Chimera a dreadful chimera 2016 Sept (Wheel)
Crab a monstrous hermit crab 2016 Mar (Wheel)
Flyer a winsome phocine flyer 2016 Mar (Wheel)
Jackal a white jackal 2015 Dec (Stockings)
Kelpie a magnificent kelpie 2018 Jan (Auction), 2019 Mar (Fae Shop)
Lion a predacious white lion 2015 Dec (Stockings)
Scorpent a scorpent matron 2018 Feb (Bazaar)
Scorpion a scarred scorpion 2016 Sept (Wheel)
Toad a giant horned toad 2016 Mar (Wheel)
Turkey an oversized turkey 2015 Dec (Stockings)
Walrus a great scarred walrus 2015 Dec (Stockings)
Wolf a massive dire wolf 2017 Feb (Wheel)
Wolverine a gaunt wolverine
Xabat a fierce xabat ??? (Bazaar)