Enverren Marsh

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Enverren Marsh and the Caverns of Chiada
Leader Venasia Enverren (Castle) Chiada, the Nixie (Caverns of Chiada)
Discoverer Jaizsur Ta'sa

Enverren Marsh is part of a secluded estate originally presided over by the Lord and Lady Enverren, and is currently ruled by their daughter, Venasia Enverren. Located west of the gypsy camp of Manusha, Enverren Marsh is nearly impenetrable, surrounded on all other sides by the Northern Ithmia. Upon a solid island in the centre of the marsh is built Castle Enverren, and through a nearby pond lies the entrance to the icy granite caverns of Chiada.


Venasia rules the estate from their castle, with salamandrin attendants to wait on her. In the caverns beneath the swamp dwells a community of Glubbians. Ruled by the chieftain Ullver and his daughter Lupla, the Glubbians worship the nixie Chiada with a reverent devotion.

The relationship between the Glubbians and the Enverrens is a tenuous one. Long ago the mages attempted to enslave the Glubbians, but Chiada freed them and is considered their protector. An affair between Chiada and Lord Enverren furthered the enmity when a child was born from their union, the young girl Venasia, who had been hidden away in the castle for a time.

Venasia was sent to Mhaldor for some time by Lady Enverren, so that she may mature enough to run Enverren one day. Upon her return, Venasia took control of Enverren castle with Lady Enverren conspicuously absent. Lord Enverren, who still resides in the castle, maintains that Lady Enverren is away.


Flora and Fauna

The common plants cohosh, bellwort, and ash can be found growing in the marsh, though much of the vegetation within is decayed and dying. Tall cypress trees grow upon the island, and a small cultivated garden reveals a number of medicinal herbs for harvesting. Moss and bloodroot, as well as kelp, can be found growing within the icy caverns.

Roaming the murky swampland are rats, slugfish, and giant mosquitoes. The Glubbers, a grotesque sentient subspecies of the Glubbians, also make their home here. Vicious fire ants can be found in the castle dungeon, and transparent bubblefish swim within the twisting caverns far below.