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Founder The Church

Situated atop an island in the centre of the mighty Zaphar River, Delos is easily the most well-known town in Sapience. Once the seat of the Church, it has since redefined itself as a mecca for all things martial and mercantile.


Originally, Delos was the home of the Chrysalis Basilica, and thus the capital of the Church. To support the Church and its endeavours, a thriving community of merchants sprung up upon the island. At the time, the Church was not an organisation devoted to Good, but to all gods. The Church itself professed neutrality - though it leaned unofficially toward Order and Good for many years - and so it was located upon the neutral ground of Delos. Once the Church announced its formal devotion to the causes of Light and Righteousness, the decision was made to relocate. In the year AF, the Church petitioned Sarapis, the Logos, to move the Basilica to Shallam, the long-standing home of those who would champion the light, and He consented.

Since then, Delos has revamped its image to become arguably the socioeconomic capital of the world. In 193, the Matsuhama Arena opened its doors to the public - the very first official arena of its kind. This highlighted Delos' newborn status as a haven for all things combative. Much later, in 278, a surplus in funds from the Matsuhama Arena led to the rebuilding of its Eastern Bridge, leading to the discovery of Riparium in the depths of the Eastern Ocean.

In 479AF, Zaphar, the Old Man of the River, was plagued by the machinations of Nomku, a mysterious nightmare spirit. During Zaphar's madness, the Zaphar River and its inhabitant fauna were poisoned, and the river flooded Delos, reducing it to ruins. In the following months, the God Phaestus sent His mechanical automatons to assist in the reconstruction of the city, restoring it completely and giving it an entirely new layout to boot.


As originally, Delos' core was composed chiefly of shops surrounding the Basilica, it is natural that in today's Modern Age the Delosian market would be a sprawling bazaar to equal no other. Aside from the countless adventurer-run shops, it is also here that the largest artefact shop in the land, run by Merentesh, is based, composed of the Artefact Weapons, Defensive Artefact, Statistic-Altering Artefact, Artefact Special Weapon, Artefact Sword Shop and Miscellaneous Artefact Shops. Merentesh also runs a smaller, more mundane weapons shop in a separate structure nearby. Perhaps of lesser note is Merentesh's Sundries of Delos, a sparse shop stocked with only the most basic of items including but not limited to sealing waxes, boxes, badges, and pennons. However, during Mayaween and Logosmas, festive costumes and trinkets are put on sale here. In the Delosian Property Office, room credits and door credits may be purchased to build or add onto one's house within a a plot in a subdivision. Familiar to newbies is Vinci's Tattoo Emporium, where the artist Vinci inks magical tattoos - at an inflated price, of course, considering his cactus weed habit he must support. At the eastern edge of the town may be found the Delosian Stables, where various mounts may be bought.


It is in Delos' various facilities and registration centres that the town truly surpasses even the great city-states. The Clan Headquarters is located here, where, for 500,000 gold sovereigns, one may register a new clan, as well as purchase permits for new clan slots. Of interest to craftsmen everywhere is the Delosian Crafters Union headquarters, where one may buy permits for tailoring, jewellery, and heraldry, as well as furniture and various other home furnishings. The Offices of the Delosian Lottery exist for those in Hermes' good sights, and in the nearby Delosian Bookmakers' office, bookie licenses may be registered. In the Bloodline Registry, families can formally register their lineages in permanent public records. Though other theatres exist throughout the land, the Scarlattan Theatre is the most prominent among them. However, perhaps the most popular feature, central to the town, is the Matsuhama Arena, where even the most rugged of rogues in the land may test their mettle in the heat of combat. Of course, the Postal Office of Delos and News Archives of Delos exist as well, luxuries that all of the city-states are familiar with.


The Delosian Bridge links Delos with the Prelatorian Highway and Raphaelan Highways and for years was the only access to the isle. Near the Scarlattan Theatre lies the Scarlatti Fellowship Hall, the gathering place for those of the Bardic and Artisanal Fellowships of Scarlatti. Though currently locked in its entirety, the Temple of Agatheis may be found within the town's limits, as well as the exotic merchant stalls of the Prosperion Bazaar which is itself a part of the Temple of Prospero. Housing the Delosian Guard is the aptly-named Delosian Guard Quarters. Of lesser note, perhaps, is the Eastern Bridge of Delos, which was often washed out until its rebuilding in the year 278 AF.