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Falcons are most commonly seen in Achaea following their Runewarden-classed masters and mistresses. They are noble birds, hand-reared by devoted Warriors who train them up to their maximum offensive, defensive, and tactical ability.

Each House maintains a hatchery where members may request a falcon. Though all falcons are identical in their abilities, each House's breeding program has resulted in a distinctive look for the falcons that come from that House's hatchery. From the Maldaathi estate in Baelgrim Fortress are bred the fierce jet-black falcons, while blue-banded falcons accompany the knights of the Cerulean Spire. From the estate of the Guardians of Light came the pure snow-white falcon, though that estate has since been destroyed. The ruined desert village of El'Jazira also maintains a hatchery, the only one open to the public, and its Mhojave falcons are known for their distinct russet colouration.

All falcons use the abilities available in the Discipline skill.