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Gambling is a common pastime for the people of Sapience. Many a prayer have been uttered to the Gods Prospero and Hermes before a roll of the dice, a peek of the cards or a large bet at the roulette table.

Blackjack and Roulette tables can be found in five of the six city-states (barring Eleusis), but dice and bookies can be found all over the lands.


The aim of this card game is to reach a total of 21 in the least amount of cards possible (two). The term "Blackjack", within the game, is when you receive a card worth 10 points (10, jack, queen, king) and an Ace (11 or 1 points). Getting blackjack means your winnings go up to 3:2 of your bet.

Blackjack Dealers

Generally, blackjack dealers are attractive and sweet, using their bodies and silver tongues to keep you reaching into your money-pouch.

Laura, an attractive young dealer - Shallam
This beautiful woman was the most famous (or infamous, depending on your luck) dealer in Sapience.
Dielia, the beautiful cardshark - Ashtan
A blackjack dealer with haunting features, nimble fingers, and a keen sense for bluffers.
Moneo, a balding, middle-aged dealer - Hashan
A paranoid, greasy-haired man well past his prime with a lusty twinkle in his eyes.
Merindia, the blackjack attendant - Cyrene
A dealer dressed in a toga of green and gold cord with her hair pulled back from her face in a tail.
Danzig, the dealer - Mhaldor
A tall human man dressed in stylish robes.
Aneurin, the card shark - Mysia
An intimidating male pirate a keen mind for cards and a love of gold.
Hugo, the Ace's blackjack dealer - Ace of Spades Casino, New Thera
A large, bare-footed man, loyal to the Divine Order of Hermes.
Irisa, the blackjack dealer - Targossas
an austere, suit-clad grook woman with bulbous eyes and nimble fingers.


A real game of chance! Roulette is played with a small ball and a wheel with different numbers all around it. You can bet on a colour or a number, even or odd. If your pick is where the ball lands, you win!

Roulette Attendants

The roulette attendants tend have a cocky attitude to keep you at the tables.

Akhmeed, the wheel master - Shallam
An elderly man who had the eyes of a child.
Croesus, the roulette attendant - Ashtan
A street-savvy street urchin who grew up to be a roguish young man.
Kes, the roulette attendant - Hashan
An incredibly beautiful yet haughty Mhun of unmatched poise and elegance.
Tatalia, the roulette attendant - Cyrene
An innocent-looking woman in a not-so-innocent, thin, sheer top.
Jemima, the roulette attendant - Mhaldor
An extremely skilled young woman of blonde hair and endless legs.
Cressa, the roulette attendant - Mysia
A graceful pirate lass with earth-toned clothes and gold accessories.
Jania, Luck's roulette dealer - Ace of Spades Casino, New Thera
A fiery-haired, human woman with a perpetual smirk and shapely legs.
Lisae, a roulette attendant - Targossas
A buxom woman of lithe build with flowing, auburn tresses and green eyes.

Ivory Dice

Ivory Dice are an artefact pair of dice (costs 50 credits from Merentesh's friendly local artefacts shop in Delos) that you can use to make your own gambling and drinking games, such as Craps.


The popularity of betting on events has exploded over the last decade. Books have been opened on many events, ranging from an arena free-for-all, capture the flag events, even to guessing when the adventurer Cain is going to join Shallam. Big money can be made in these, either by the punters or the bookies themselves.

Humgii Racing

Racing humgii is an old and honorable sport. A race requires that jockeys, typically of the Pixie, Imp, or Pygmy races, ride humgii for one and a half laps around a track. Tabor, the announcer, presents odds beforehand, allowing players to bet Tickets on their humgii of choice for a chance to reap a reward paid out in credits.