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Leader Mayor Durnun
Enemies the wildcats of Lodi

Gorshire is a village in the newbie area Lodi inhabited by friendly, peaceful gnomes. The biggest threat to the safety of the villagers is the presence of fierce wildcats that slay harmless sheep in the fields just outside the village.


Gorshire is located in the southern area of Lodi. Families of trolls have farmed the land to the north, while a wildcat lair lies to the northwest and a series of cavernous mines can be found to the northeast of the village.



Everything a newbie would need to survive on their own in Achaea can be found within a series of shops in the village of Gorshire.

  1. A food stall, with all basic, cheap foods.
  2. Arenard's Apothecary, with mana, health, and empty vials.
  3. A clothing stall, with all basic wearable wares.
  4. A general store, with pipes, pocketbelts, packs and tinderboxes.
  5. A bait and tackle shop, for fishing.