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There are seven combat arenas located in Sapience. The nature of arenas is such that the consequences of death have been removed. Instead, competitors are transported to another plane, where "dying" merely casts one back to the Prime Material Plane, resulting in a harmless avenue for adventurers to practise their skills.

There are a variety of competitions available to arena participants, which range in both duration and complexity. City leaders, as well as those citizens involved in the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, may hold group events, and individuals may spar each other one-on-one.

A rare artefact sold at auction in 594 AF, the wooden rudis of conquest, exempted its owner free from all arena fees.

This game is every adventurer for him/herself. The goal is to kill off the competition, and the last person standing wins.
A variation on the free-for-all, the Rampage is divided into two parts: the bloodbath, where adventurers are killed but do not leave the arena, and the finale, where the rules are the same as a free-for-all.
King of the Hill
A team event, this is an arena version of Capture the Flag, where a team must obtain a flag and plant it at a specific location to accrue points.
Champions vs Assassins
A team event similar to King of the Hill, but the opposing teams seek the Blade of the Masters, rather than a flag, to gain points.
Royal Guard
A team event where two teams must defend their Regent and slay the opposing team's Regent to win the game.
Freeze Tag
Each participant is granted a magic wand upon entering the game, with which they must freeze their competitors until they are cast out of the game. The catch? A tricky fairy who will chase freezetaggers as well.
A frog with a one-track mind is seeking his dinner: a fly which must be passed around from player to player. If he catches you with it, look out! He'll swallow his dinner, and you, all in one gulp, casting you from the arena.
Balance of Power
A game of anonymity, entrants are guised in the persona of one of history's legends and gifted with limited abilities for conquering one another.
Tournament of the Fang
A points based game where the objective is to kill everyone else to gain points. There are also a number of wild mounts who can fight alongside the combatant who bridles one. The participant with the most points at the end is declared the winner.
A free-for-all where all other contestants attempt to kill one adventurer, dubbed the runner, while the runner attempts to survive for as long as possible.
Party Duels
A variation on the traditional 1v1 arena combat. A maximum of 8 adventurers form into two parties and duel until all members of a party have been defeated.

Arena staging grounds have been deemed holy places by Aegis, God of War.

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