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Leader Utata, chief of the Tomacula tribe
Discoverer Haidion

Amidst the dry Savannah is the primitive village of Tomacula, a tribe of plainspeople discovered by Haidion in the year 175 AF. Known for their prowess with spear and javelin, they tend their prized cattle and live a rustic life of domesticity. A very traditional community, the Tomacula are led by a chief and rely on a shaman to bring rains for their crops.

Originally a mighty warrior nation allied with the Tsol'aa of the Aalen Forest, the repeated Mhun invasions of ancient times reduced Tomacula to a single tribe, and it eventually isolated itself in the Savannah.

Nearly 100 years after their discovery, Vixen, the Sentinel wilderness guide, journeyed to the village and learned from them the secrets of Woodlore, which she then passed on to the guild.


  • Elegnem, shaman of the Tomacula
  • Etarni, hunter of the Tomacula
  • Innej, Tomacula warrioress
  • Shunaan, bedmate of Utata
  • Utata, chief of the Tomacula tribe

Places of Interest

  • The Tomaculan Stables offer several mounts for purchase: a mighty midnight charger, a regal golden charger, a storm bull, and a blue roan.
  • Within A large storage hut one may find bearskins for sale, hunted and prepared by Etarni as a rather primitive type of cloak.
  • The statue of Khalas the Wanderer stands at the centre of the village, a testament to the fate of those who defy the Creator.