Actar Valley

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The Valley of Actar
Leader Merrygold, the village elder
Enemies Manara Burrow


The Actar Valley is located in the lower slopes of the Southern Vashnars. It can be reached from the small plateau along the road to Cyrene. It contains an area of rich grasslands, marked by a tall, crystalline tower, a small village inhabited by friendly halflings, and a river inhabited by Naiad the water nymph, which the halflings use for fishing. The western wall of the valley is a mountainous area with a cave where a cyclops lives and guards his treasure.


The halfling village is home to a variety of halflings who range in age from youthful children to wise elders. The more notable members of the village include:

  • Ammidge, a plump halfling
  • Biba, a halfling woman
  • Bodo, a halfling guard
  • Flitly, a halfling woman
  • Grindle, a halfling guard
  • Merrygold, the village elder
  • Tobold, a robust halfling man

Other inhabitants of the valley include Naiad the water nymph, Dymphne the forest nymph, and the cyclops.


The halfling villagers are kind and welcoming to outsiders. They live a relatively peaceful and simple life, with few dangers in their village. The only threat with which they must contend, aside from the occasional marauding adventurer, is the nearby cyclops. They rely on the advice of the water nymph to help them in their struggle against this foe. The village is headed by a village elder, Merrygold, and the other halflings attend to the business of their daily lives.


There is only one store in the small village, and it sells a few products made by the halflings, including simple clothes, and some local cheese.

Notable Locations

Notable locations include:

  • The crystalline tower within the grasslands
  • The cyclops's cave upon the cliffs
  • The store in the halfling village

Flora and Fauna

Vibrant wildflowers, goldenseal and lady's slipper grow upon the hillside in the southern area of the valley. Bloodroot and irid moss can be found in a cavern upon the cliffs to the west of the halfling village. In a glade of birch trees across the river, forestals will find roots of ginger, echinacea, and ginseng plants as well as myrrh gum, lobelia seeds, and slippery elm.

The area is inhabited by rabbits, owls, deer, goats, and crows. Some of the stronger goats have been trained by the halfings to be used as war goats. In the river schools of colourful rainbow fish dart from one place to the next.