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Minia is one of three fanciful areas for newbies only, the others being the valley of Lodi and Mount Gheladan. Minia is an area for newbies trying to get to know the lands in (relative) safety.

Minia is home to many friends and foes for a new adventurer to meet, greet and if desired, slay. There are many small quests that can be done around Minia for those wishing for a mental challenge.


Minia is composed of four distinct subsections: the Pixie Village, the Ember Tower, the Libra Dungeon, and the pygmy village of Miba.


The Pixie Queen and the Imp Lord are sworn enemies, each eagerly enlisting the help of any newbie willing to aid them in their quests to destroy each other. No love is lost between the kobolds and the pygmies, as each can be found plotting the demise of the other at any time.


Newbies within this area are protected by Auma and a pair of large, strong ogres under her command. The ogres will eject any adventurer from this area who is over level twenty-one, or sufficiently infamous regardless of their level of experience, or who has had the experience to embrace their class. Additionally, Auma will deliver young adventurers to Lodi and Mount Gheladan, the other areas that exist for newbies only.


In addition to the denizens found within the area, Vellis, the butterfly collector, plies his trade at the ivy covered archway leading into Minia.