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Leader Shanugis
Religion Oneiros
Exports cotton, hemp, gems, wine, sandstone

Shastaan is a small fishing village on the east coast of Sapience.


Shastaan is located between Shallam and Delos, east of the Raphaelan Highway. A guard hut lies at the entrance of the village, the well and Shastaan's Outfitters to the west, and the village leader's hut to the northwest, past the fields. The Temple of Peace and the ferry to Ulangi lie to the northeast, and the The Mermaid's Tail Bait and Bar is found to the east.


There are also guards, servant girls, fishermen, and women.

Following the abduction of most of its inhabitants by Kashari, many former residents of New Thera now reside in Shastaan, having come with Galeria to help rebuilt the village. Some of these newcomers have married into the village, and the majority of Shastaan's population are now children as a result.


The village is quiet and quaint. Almost everyone there is either a guard, a fisherman, or a fisherman's wife. There are three shops; Shastaan's Outfitters with clothing made by Shanugis' servants, the commodity shop with stores cloth only, as well as the bait shop and inn, run by Telward. Some of the villagers seem less than satified with Shanugis' rule.