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A bank can be found in each major city as a secure means to store that city's coffers, though it is also available for use to adventurers and other organisations, such as Divine Orders, Houses, and clans. The option of storing credits is also offered to Houses, cities, and Orders. While cities and Houses may use these credits for any number of purposes, Orders may only spend them on room credits to expand ships owned by the Order.

Services offered by banks are not completely free. In return for improved security, banks exact a 0.5% fee for every withdrawal or transfer of gold, whether for yourself or to another individual or organisation. Transactions involving credits, on the other hand, have no such fee applied to them.

City Banks

Other Banks

  • Delos: The Delosian Trust
One of the newer facilities in Delos, the Delosian Trust is an opulently-decorated bank serving all adventurers without prejudice. Their amenities do come with a price, however, in the form of a 400% inflation to a city's bank fees for the acts of withdrawing and transferring gold.
Sold at auction in 564 AF, the personal, portable bank allows its owner to access his or her accounts from anywhere without penalty of withdrawal.