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The Aerinewild is an ancient, pristine forest that was long hidden from mortals, deep within the heart of the Aureliana Forest. It was sealed away from the rest of the world by Gaia to protect it from an elemental imbalance which threatened to destroy the natural world. The forest was the protective home of the forest spirits as they grew and matured. Once Gaia departed from the realms, the seal that kept the forest hidden was slowly weakened, until it finally broke. The sacred forest is now accessible to mortals, though it is still unspoiled by their touch, thanks to the powerful magics that sustain it.

Though the Aerinewild grew last and thus is the youngest forest, it was created in full bloom at a time when all other forests were but fledglings. Thus, while the Western Ithmia is the oldest forest, having been created first, the Aerinewild is considered the most ancient and mature of all forests.

The forest is home to a variety of woodland animals, such as deer, chipmunks, and rabbits. Rare, fiery-red roses can also be found growing among the ancient trees. Deep within the forest lies a cairn stone, marking the location of the temple of Lady Melantha. The spirit Eupheme now watches over this sacred forest.