Black Forest

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One of the gloomier forests of Sapience, the Black Forest resides south of New Thera and is sandwiched between the Urubamba River to the east and the Vashnar Mountains to the west.

The Black Forest, named for the black walnut trees that grow in abundance there, is home to a wide mix of wildlife, from the fearsome grizzly bears or the stealthy fisher, to the adorably cute jambaali. Mysterious purple mushrooms with yellow dots, made when Eris, Goddess of Chaos sneezed over the forest, which appear randomly throughout are said to transport one to a magical land called Bopalopia.

Also living within the confines of the forest is a species of sentient trees, known as the treekin. Currently, nearly a dozen treekin can be found in the Black Forest: Blackbark, Greenthorn, Ironroot, Leafdancer, Lightleaf, Mossfoot, Rootweaver, Sapmoore, Shagbark, Tendershoot, and Wildberry.

The forest spirit Melpomene watches over the Black Forest.