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Leader The Great Mhunna
Founder plague survivors from Ceylon
Discoverer Nicator
Enemies Mhaldor

Moghedu was first discovered by Lord Nicator on his way through the Vashnar Mountains southwest of the Mhojave Desert. It is the ancestral home of the Mhun race.


Moghedu is located on the lower slopes of the Vashnar Mountains, southwest of the great Mhojave Desert and northwest of Jaru and the ruins of Shallam. The city itself is a multi-level system of caves leading deep underground. The Mhun take care of domestic business on the second and third levels primarily, leaving the fourth and fifth for mining and the various types of training needed to meet the needs of the community.


Other inhabitants include:

  • Elite Mhun keepers
  • Master Mhun miners
  • Mhun adolescents
  • Mhun architects
  • Mhun blacksmith
  • Mhun bodyguards
  • Mhun children
  • Mhun demolitionists
  • Mhun guards
  • Mhun Keepers
  • Mhun Knights
  • Mhun mages
  • Mhun miners
  • Mhun scouts
  • Mhun slave hands
  • Mhun smelters
  • Mhun warriors
  • Mhun women
  • Mhun workers


The Mhuns of Moghedu are very wary of outsiders and tend to be secretive about their home and way of life. Primarily a mining community, life centres around the command of the Great Mhunna who rules Moghedu with an iron fist, caring more for himself than his people most of the time. Yet, the Mhuns follow him without question, and one would be hard-pressed to find dissention among the Mhun ranks as those therein believe wholeheartedly in the strength of their leader.

Adventurers who share this race with their subterranean cousins may apply for induction into the Guardians of Moghedu, a clan dedicated to maintaining cultural ties to the underground city, restoring the balance, and understanding between generations of Mhun elders and those considered exiles.


The very beginnings of Moghedu's history go all the way back to the time of the Founders. The brothers Glanos and Sahart, leaving Ceylon with over half of the human population, set out in search of new lands in which they might make a home. Those who were left in the Golden Land were struck just a few years later by a massive plague. Those that survived fled the city, journeying to the Mhojave and spending many years there, hoping that the extremely dry environment might purge them of the plague. After enough had died and the plague appeared to be cleansed from their bodies, the people of Ceylon searched for a place to live and found the caves, now known as Moghedu, to the southwest of the vast desert where they had survived the last few years. Many hundreds of years later, Nicator rediscovered the subterranean settlement. Led at that time by Chief Grolmar Lightning-Hand, the people of Moghedu were the first to join the growing Empire of Seleucar.


There are several shops of note located in Moghedu. The first can be found just west of the entrance and is known as Gemstone vials of Moghedu. Here you can find gemstone vials, artefact pipes, and a few other key items on sale in exchange for credits only. You can also find Moghedu Stables deep within the bowels of Moghedu - the only place in Sapience you can buy yourself a stubborn mule of Moghedu for riding. A third shop, the Storage Chamber, is a commodities shop selling steel, iron, coal, gold, silver, and gems - all the riches of the earth. A bar which hosts the bloodsport of cage-fighting and