Thraasi Foothills

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The Thraasi Foothills
Leader Harbourmaster Nicholon
Founder Captain Maelstrom
Discoverer Calira, Jansen
Exports ore, glass, armaments, grain

The Thraasi Foothills are a string of hills lining the southwestern corner of the Vashnar Mountains, situated between the Aalen basin and the Sea of Terror. Thraasi is of foremost importance as a recovering port; a small settlement, also named Thraasi, once lay in ruins around the harbour on the western edge of the hills, and only since 546 AF did Captain Maelstrom spearhead efforts to rebuild. In many ways, the Thraasi Foothills serve as a Sefyric parallel to the town of Tasur'ke.

The hills are also home to the Thraasi Lighthouse Tavern, the area's only drinking establishment.


Thraasi's rolling range is mostly barren heath, being possessed of only scrubby inclines and descents. A path bisects the hills descending swiftly before terminating in sparkling salt-laden cliffs above the settlement. Thraasi harbour is southwest of the northwestern arm of the Western Vashnars as the range meets the sea. Leagues away, the isle Harae is due northwest over the horizon from its blustery shore, and crimson Mhaldor Isle beyond this. Further afield, Polyargos and Shala-Khulia are nearly a straight shot south by under a quarter days sea journey.


Flora and Fauna

Wild mountain lions wander down from the Vashnarian peaks to range the Thraasi hills, setting upon idle travellers whilst bald eagles can be found soaring in the skies, no doubt searching for fish or small game. Hidden caves contain tide pools, a haven for carp and crabs which are a delicacy in the kitchens of the harbour town. Sorrel and other low, woody shrubs along with the occasional bleeding-heart flower are the main flora of the hills.