Bagwar's Copse

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Bagwar's Copse
Founder Hermann Schmidt
Discoverer Greyda Corten and other Eleusians

Bagwar's Copse is a small village located in the heart of the Western Ithmia. The small residences and buildings found within are built around the sprawling elms of the forest, taking great care not to disturb the environment. Denizens of many races and origins live in the village.


The villagers are a diverse and friendly bunch, eager to talk to visitors and share their stories and gossip. They include:


Once a thriving settlement, the original settlers of Bagwar's Copse were forced to abandon their homes after the forest itself rebelled against unwanted expansion. For generations the Copse was isolated from the rest of Sapience, until a young exile from Hashan and his wife rediscovered the village while seeking a new home. Now a melting-pot of races and backgrounds, the forestals that live there are a closely knit group.


Bagwar Alehouse is located near the entrance to the village and serves mead and ale. For those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, Gretel Schmidt has a small lemonade stand in the western part of the village.