Mhojave Desert

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The Mhojave Desert is a vast desert basin comprised of miles of pure, overarching dunes and rocky debris. Its seemingly barren wastes play host to a diverse ecosystem teeming with life. Nestled between the Southern Vashnars, the Dakhota Hills, the Savannah, and the Shamtota Hills, the desert can be reached most easily by travelling along the Great Southern Road which encircles it.

The interior of the desert is dominated by large, rolling sand dunes. Closer to the foot of the mountains, the sands of the Mhojave intermingle with rocky scree to form a hard, broken landscape. Much of the desert is underlaid by dormant lava tubes and long-cooled magma caves, owing to the land's ancient volcanic history, and the small oasis in the heart of the desert owes its life to the water borne by just such a channel. Foxes, snakes, monitor lizards, hyenas, lizards and the curious jarbo can be seen roaming the desert, as well as unformed things of Chaos. A dangerous pit filled with scorpions can be a perilous adventure for those lost in the endless sand. Vala, the Xorani language tutor, can also be found in this desert.

At the heart of the desert lies an oasis and the remains of the village of El'Jazira, while nearby can be found a small encampment of nomads led by Rahmad. Additionally, the Temple of the Demon Queen, the ruins of the Erisian Pyramid and Obelisk of Darkness are all located amongst the rolling dunes of the Mhojave. At the southwestern reaches of the desert stand the gates to Moghedu, legendary homeland of the Mhun, and just south of this is the eastern terminus of the Cyrenian Highway.