North of New Thera

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North of New Thera, or NoT as it as colloquially abbreviated, is a junction of the Prelatorian Highway at the northern terminus of New Thera's Spring Lane. It lies, oddly enough, north of the village of New Thera. To its east lies the Crystal Leaf Inn, to its northwest the Mausoleum of Ekary Lucoster, and far to the north is the city-state of Ashtan. Due to its location, it is a popular meeting place for adventurers throughout the land.

North of New Thera has been known by a handful of names throughout its life. Immediately following the destruction of Thera by the Vertani, the place was known as simply "a junction on the Prelatorian Highway." Shortly after, it came to be known as "North of the Ruins of Thera." Perhaps most famously, however, is its original name - North of Thera. This is the name it bore for centuries, and it is the one former name that is still in common use today, as evidenced by its most popular sobriquet.

During the Vertani War, NoT was once planned by the Vertani to be the site of their next fortress. However, their ritual was interrupted by violence, and the four amber-gold cornerstones, all that ever rose of the fortress, remained at this junction on the highway for many years, though they were eventually melted down to construct the marbled statue of Ariel, deceased former mayor of "Old Thera", that now sits at the Theran town centre.