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Leader Andraste Montenegro
Divine Patron Gaia, the Earthmother
Founder Covenant Stormcrow, Tearstorm Le'Yuet, Riakar Nakanishi, Elsp Le'Yuet, and Mysti La'Saen
City Tutor Aine
City Guardian the Guardian of Thorns
Heraldic Arms Vert, a stag rampant Argent
Allies Dryads, Tsol'aa Village
Enemies Mhaldor
Key Documents The Viridian Charter and the Precepts of Eleusis

Located in the depths of the Eastern Ithmia, the forestal village of Eleusis was revealed by the dryad queen Titania to a group of Sentinels in the year 271 AF following Vixen's bout of illness. Eleusis is a naturally formed habitat in the Ithmia's treetops for the forestals of Sapience to call home. Dedicated to the preservation and expansion of Nature, Eleusis follows the words of the Viridian Charter in efforts against cities of iron and stone and those that infringe upon Nature and those that do it harm.

The village of Eleusis was officially formed in the month of Daedalan, 324 years after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire, by Covenant Stormcrow, Tearstorm Le'Yuet, Riakar Nakanishi, Elsp Le'Yuet, and Mysti La'Saen. It is led by a council made up of five Hierophants who are elected by popular vote. From these five, one leader is chosen to be the Speaker of Eleusis. The term Hierophants, for the council members, used to be Leath-ris (literally, "half-kings").

Formerly the home of The Sylvanic Fellowship, the Sentinels of Nature, and the Ancient Circle of Druids, now the Heartwood Kin and Scions of the Ithmia stand proudly upon its boughs.

Eleusis is guarded by Tsol'aa archers, Dryad enchantresses, Briar Knights, woodland rangers, eleusian elementalists, and Treekin warriors, as well as its Greater Eidolon, the Guardian of Thorns.

Laws and Policies

The laws of Eleusis are in the form of Precepts, which are blazoned upon on a cairn stone at the entrance to the village. The Viridian Charter is a key document of Eleusis which all villagers of Eleusis must follow and adhere by.

Government and Political History

Village Ranks

  1. Freeman
  2. Ranger
  3. Tender
  4. Warden
  5. Watcher
  6. Elder

Village Patrons

324 AF - Lady Demeter became the first Patron of Eleusis.
365 AF - Lord Aegis replaced Lady Demeter.
395 AF - Lady Kastalia replaced Lord Aegis.
432 AF - Lord Thoth replaced Lady Kastalia.
452 AF - Lady Artemis replaced Lady Kastalia.
506 AF - Lord Vastar replaced Lady Artemis.
525 AF - Lady Artemis replaced Lord Vastar.
591 AF - Lady Kastalia replaced Lady Artemis.
610 AF - Lady Artemis replaced Lady Kastalia.
619 AF - Lady Gaia replaced Lady Artemis.
677 AF - Lady Artemis joins Lady Gaia as Patron of Eleusis.
844 AF - Lady Gaia becomes sole patron, following Lady Artemis' passing

Village Leaders - Speaker

324 AF - First Speaker: Covenant
356 AF - Tearstorm replaced Covenant as Speaker, Covenant stepped down.
387 AF - Greyda replaced Tearstorm as Speaker.
414 AF - Landon replaced Greyda as Speaker.
445 AF - Ravien replaced Landon as Speaker.
665 AF - Alrena replaced Ravien as Speaker.
702 AF - Rangor replaced Alrena as Speaker.
726 AF - Sarathai replaced Rangor as Speaker.
740 AF - Kondar replaced Sarathai as Speaker
748 AF - Zenii replaced Kondar as Speaker.
800 AF - Andraste replaced Zenii as Speaker.
814 AF - Myna replaced Andraste as Speaker.
835 AF - Colgano replaced Myna as Speaker


This small forestal village is rich with culture. It has grown immensely since adventurers started trampling through its branches just over a century ago, but still remains quaint and quiet, keeping its unique solitude.

The entire village is a landmark in itself. No other "city-state" and indeed, no other village can claim to be anything like it. Upon entering the village, you must trek up a spiralled staircase which will take you up a level into the trees. You walk along the tree branches for wherever you need to go, only ever seeing ground level again if you wish to visit the Sentinel or Sylvan Househalls, the Eleusian Fields and stables, the bait shop, or the lush chapel on the Zaphar River. The Gaian Vale, Eleusis' subdivision, may be found near the river.

One may be inclined to visit Muria along the Oaken Way of Eleusis and hear her tales of Sentinel history. Unveiled by Lady Gaia, find the Viridian Charter cast against the Great Oak. Its golden script can be seen throughout Eleusis, but read more clearly by the arboreal ramparts near the Central Hall in the Great Oak, a local meeting place of Eleusis. A great statue of Covenant Stormcrow, the first speaker of Eleusis, graces the hall, seemingly ready to come alive and belt out a yodel for all the world to hear. The Cauldron of Infinity can be found at the Tears of Eleusis, a permanent reminder of the War of the Divine Child (See also: City-relics). The Collosea en Duir, or "The Colosseum of the Oak" in common Achaean, is the Eleusian arena. This all-natural terrain arena can be found in the southwestern part of Eleusis. Moving beyond the subdivision and the bait shop, a lush chapel overlooks the river, holding within the Flame of Nature and Altars reflecting different environments.


Aside from the various guards found along the streets in Eleusis, the following is a list of notable citizens worth mentioning:

These citizens can be found within their respective House estate:

These citizens are no longer found within the village:

  • Alianna, dryad apprentice to Aeron
  • Ephialta, Keeper of the Flame (slain by a monstrous hydra)
  • Nestor, Priest of the Zaphar (slain by a monstrous hydra)


The main facilities of Eleusis are located on the eastern side if the village, while the forge and stables can be found at the northern end of the fields, below the shopping district. Most of these services can be used by citizens and visitors alike.

  • The Eleusian Archives - Newsroom.
  • Lofty Aviary - Post office run by Khalys, the dove lady.
  • The Eleusian Bank of Commerce - Bank.
  • Blacksmith's workshop - Forge.
  • Musty stables - Stables (can be used by Eleusians only) and mount food, run by Epona.
  • Locksmith of Eleusis - Locksmith, run by Iuchair.


Eleusis is unique in that it has few adventurer-run shops. The Eleusians enjoy the quaint atmosphere of their village and do not want the haven ruined with such things. Several proud merchants provide for the village, including the weaver Aemilie and the merchants Daestin and Semanthia.

Art of the Wilds
Wooden statuettes by Aemilie, the Eleusian weaver
A Cluttered Atelier
Bookbindery by Lloen, the Wayward
The Eleusian Inn
Amerante, the Eleusian Barkeep, sells food and drinks here
The Eleusian Trading Post
Eleusian Woodcrafts
Wood vials, pots, and pipes by Aeron, the Eleusian Whittler
Farmer's Market at a Mill
Day to day goods
Forestal Whispers of Romance
Aemilie's forestal wedding catering
Roughened pathway
Produce from Eleusis' farm sold by Nyeli, a little girl
Silver Threads
Crafted forestal goods by Aemilie
Sugar and Spice
Teas in several flavours by Miri, the Tea Mistress
Sylvan Colours
Basic vials, inks, and sigils
The Weald Club
Silver creations by Taurelasse, the Silver Weaver and forest wristlets by Zincara, the Ithmian Gypsy
Within a small reed shed
Bait shop
Ye Olde Bake Shop
Muffins, donuts, and more, created by Arscot, the Eleusian Baker

Additionally, food for steeds can be purchased from Epona, Eleusian Cibeir.

Dining and Recreation

Eleusis has several unique eateries that have regular visitors to the village coming back for more.

  • The Eleusian Inn - Operated by Amerante who supplies the village with a range of basics foods and fine forestal beverages.
  • Oastan Eleusia - Hosted by Anil-Gadith, this forestal restaurant is sure to please! Celede and Canntaireachd provide service and music, respectively.
  • Sugar and Spice - The Eleusian Tea shop, run by Miss Miri, the Tea Mistress, and her daughters, Averan, Lhaya, and Tiah.
  • Ye Olde Bake Shoppe - Arscot, the Eleusian Baker, runs this unique bakery above a granary among the trees. Buy a donut, a tart, or anything else to go with that perfect cup of tea!
  • Located on Roughened pathway, Nyeli, a little girl sells produce from the Eleusian fields.

Famous Faces

Keleus, a Tsol'aa from the Aalen Forest, was the city's first founder.

Stationed at the entrance to the village is Elias, the gatekeeper, while Sir Cwincan, the Gaian Knight, diligently patrols the verdant walkways. Vamuria, the newspaper editor, is settled by the newsroom, gathering the news of the day.