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Commodities, or "comms" for short, are all natural goods and raw materials acquired via mining, foraging or purchased in a the commodity shops located in the village of Luman or the island of Zanzibaar


Commodity Raw Form Source Desert Forest Grassland Hills Jungle Mountains Polar Tundra Underground Valley
Bone Rawbone Mining              
Cloth Fibre Foraging                  
Coal NA Mining              
Diamond dust NA Gathering                  
Gems Rawgems Mining              
Gold Goldore Mining                
Ice Impureice Mining                
Iron Ironore Mining            
Lacquer NA Commodity Shops                    
Leather Skins Gathering                    
Obsidian Rawobsidian Mining                
Platinum Platinumore Mining              
Rope Fibre Foraging                  
Silver Silverore Mining              
Stag's horn NA Ithimia Stag                  
Steel Carbon Mining              
Stone Rawstone Mining                
Wood NA Foraging                  

Commodity Market

The Commodities Market is in Delos, located se, se, e, e, s from the Delosian Bridge. It's a centralised place for both individual Achaeans and Cities (via their Trade Ministries) to buy and sell commodities.

In both cases, you must be in the Commodities Market to buy or sell comms.

Commodities can be sold on the commodity market directly from warehouses.

If commodities are returned/sent to you (via the commodity market system) they will first attempt to fill any space remaining in your rift. Any remaining commodities will then attempt to fill any warehouse space leased in your name.

If neither your rift or a lease is available, the commodities will be placed in your inventory and begin to decay. There are eight (8) real hours of time before the decay occurs, during which appropriate storage must be sourced.

Everyone can sell a base amount of up to 5000 of any commodity type on the commodity market. This amount will increase based on your associated commodity rank.

Village Commodity Shops

Commodity shops are now mostly defunct, two remain in the lands (Luman village and Zanzibaar isle) and these sell lacquer. If a commodity is sold out or nearly sold out, at next restocking the price increases. Similarly, if a commodity is not being sold, the price may decrease.

With the discovery of Mining and Foraging many commodity shops were forced to close down or discontinue their wares as the demand is now filled by adventurers whom they could not compete with.

The following shops have shuttered their doors:

City Commodity Shops

The Ministry of Trade is responsible for city comm shops, where adventurers can buy and sell commodities within a city. They are generally marked up prices, due to the commodities originally coming from the villages. City comm shops generally sell most, if not all commodities available in the lands.

City Location
Ashtan Northeast of Central Market.
Cyrene Commodities Shop.
Eleusis Eleusian Trading Post.
Hashan North of the Bazaar.
Mhaldor Warehouse interior.
Targossas Warehouses along Harbour Way.

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