Sentinels of Nature

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The Sentinels of Nature
Leader None
Patron Gaia, the Wildwood Queen
Leadership Style Elected Autocracy
Founder Treant
City Eleusis
Classes Permitted Sentinel, Jester, Monk, Runewarden and Serpent
House Tutor Vixen
Heraldric Arms Vert, on a chevron Or, a wolf courant contourny Sable
Icon The Stag Crown

This page is about the House. For the class, please see Sentinel.

The Sentinels of Nature was a diverse forestal House comprised mainly of members of the Sentinel class, though it also welcomed members of other classes who place Nature as their foremost priority in life.

Sentinels were free to live life by any moral code; for many years they had the choice to reside in many of the cities and worship almost any God they chose. But above any of those individual freedoms, a Sentinel was loyal to nature and the Pack. Be it forest or desert, hill or valley, if any part of Nature was threatened, the Sentinels would act as one, administering their own brand of justice upon those foolish enough to cross them.

Around the Year 678AF, the Ventos Allegos, a minion of Lady Lorielan, destroyed all the Icons ending with the fall of the the Stag Crown. When the Sentinels Icon fell the Ventos Allegos travelled trough the Shadow Icon to the Eastern Ithmia. With the presence of Ventos Allegos being too much for the forest and Eleusis, the trees and woods began to become distorted. Awakened from Her slumber by the arrival of the Ventos Allegos, Lady Artemis along with Lady Gaia combined Their powers to rejuvenate the forest and removed the Ventos Allegos. With the surge of Natural energy, the trees and plants began to heal along with the trees of the the Three Great Forestal Houses, of which they then became no more.


Seeking a less rural lifestyle than their Druid cousins, the Sentinel Guild was founded in the year 202 A.F., making its way into the cities of Sapience concentrating in the village of Eleusis. Collectively known as the Pack, its members made up one of the more militant forestal organisations dutiful to Nature. After many successful years of such service, the Guild transformed into a House.

Political History


202 AF - Lord Hermes became the first Patron of the Sentinels of Nature.
224 AF - Lord Vastar replaced Lord Hermes.
256 AF - Lady Gaia replaced Lord Vastar.
260 AF - Lady Tarah replaced Lady Gaia.
266 AF - Lord Caspian replaced Lady Tarah.
316 AF - Lady Demeter replaced Lord Caspian.
354 AF - Lord Neraeos replaced Lady Demeter.
538 AF - Lady Artemis replaced Lord Neraeos.
619 AF - Lady Gaia replaced Lady Artemis.
??? AF - Lady Valnurana replaced Lady Gaia.
672 AF - Lady Gaia replaced Lady Valnurana.

Leadership - Guildmasters

202 AF - Founder: Treant.
222 AF - Blackleaf replaced Treant as Guildmaster.
243 AF - Galdrion replaced Blackleaf as Guildmaster.
247 AF - Perseon replaced Galdrion as Guildmaster.
266 AF - Covenant replaced Perseon as Guildmaster.
367 AF - Landon replaced Covenant as Guildmaster.
372 AF - Caz replaced Landon as Guildmaster.
383 AF - Vertigo replaced Caz as Guildmaster.
387 AF - Ferret replaced Vertigo as Guildmaster.

Leadership - Hearts of the Forest

394 AF - First Heart of the Forest: Farret.
438 AF - Logistics replaced Farret as the Heart of the Forest.
511 AF - Rangor replaced Logistics as the Heart of the Forest.
544 AF - Jazell replaced Rangor as the Heart of the Forest.
576 AF - Samanthya replaced Jazell as the Heart of the Forest.
588 AF - Xio replaced Samanthya as the Heart of the Forest.
618 AF - Athylea replaced Xio as the Heart of the Forest
623 AF - Athylea abruptly quit the Sentinels of Nature, leaving the House without a leader.
624 AF - Penwize became the Heart of the Forest.
631 AF - Logistics replaced Penwize as the Heart of the Forest.
672 AF - Samanthya replaced Logistics as the Heart of the Forest.

Icon History

408 AF - The Stag Crown was raised.
464 AF - The icon was destroyed by Mhaldorian forces.
472 AF - The icon was raised once more.
606 AF - The icon was destroyed by Ashtani forces.
??? AF - The icon was raised once more.


Vixen, the Wilderness Guide resided within the estate of the Sentinels of Nature, existing as their tutor.
Mehrien, of Jaguar Black
Onakk, the Raven
Antion, the Basilisk