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A tsol'aa bard enjoying the day.

Tsol'aa were the first race of intelligent beings and created by Ayar-now-Sarapis. Their homeland is a village in the redwoods of the Aalen Forest by the Western Ocean, where many of them still live peacefully in their treetop homes. Slender and graceful, their natural lives can span a thousand years. Isolationists at heart, a handful have emerged to interact with the other races. In general, the Tsol'aa are bewildered by the hastiness of humans, but seek to understand why humanity has managed to attain such dominance.

During the War of Humanity, the God Daedalus brought Tsol'aa warriors known as the Qui'anar, mounted upon great spiders, to battle against the forces of the Triumvirate. During this war, however, the Tsol'aa who fought became corrupted by the killing and afterwards began to lust for power. The newly born human race, they argued, could easily be made to serve the Tsol'aa. This power-hungry group of Tsol'aa began calling themselves the Tsol'teth. They left their racial homeland and settled in the Underrealm, enslaving many of the weaker goblinoid races and setting themselves up as fearsome overseers of the violent underground cultures of Sapience. Much later, they were to reappear in the Black Wave.

With the Tsol'teth gone, the remaining Tsol'aa split into two further groups. One elected to remain in their homeland and continue living in the traditional way, studying and furthering their knowledge of both magic and nature. Another, the group that came to be known as the Tsol'dasi, decided that they did not care to be involved in mortal affairs any longer and left for parts unknown. Members of the Tsol'dasi have rarely been seen since.

Physically, the Tsol'aa are lithe beings of approximately the same height as humans, and to someone not familiar with both races, they are difficult to distinguish from each other. Brawny and muscular builds are uncommon due to their lean physique, but unchecked, they can become overweight like most other races. Their skin is naturally pale but often tans with exposure to the sun, and their facial features are smooth and elegant, with eyes in a range of colours (brown, blue, green, black, grey, even violet). The hair is usually straight or wavy and worn long; colour is commonly brown or black, sometimes blond, and rarely red or curly. Facial hair is uncommon but not unheard of, and their ears are similar to rounded human ears.

Racial Specialisations

Specialisation Str Dex Con Int
Unspecialised 12 12 11 13
Ranger 14 12 11 12
Watcher 12 14 10 13
Guard 12 11 13 13
Sage 11 12 11 15

Racial Skills

The Forest Walkers have:

  • Allows SWING UP/DOWN in environments with trees.
  • Allows a Tsol'aa to HIDE in jungle or forest environments.