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Lloen, the wayward will create journals with special materials and custom detailing for a price. He has green eyes above a beaky nose and a chin sharp as a quill. His garb his plain, but his cluttered atelier in Eleusis is colorful with the implements of book-binding.


Curling birchbark scroll - 1000gp
Tender workmanship with hand and knife gives purpose to a length of bark, peeled carefully to preserve the donor's cambium from a silver birch at the height of spring. The natural curve of the trunk grants the organic scroll an innate curl, one that works to hide the bark's creamy innards behind the roughened outer layer.
Traveller's journal - 6000gp
Fine, creamy parchment secures within an exquisite leather binding, the natural tan rubbed with oils to preserve the quality and enhance the grain. Across the cover, a map of Sapience, Meropis, and the outlying isles embosses in intricate detail, highlighted with ochre dye. The endpapers afford insight into the extra-planar regions, and renditions of the known constellations scatter in abundance. Attached to the spine, a leather strip serves as a marker, its length detailed with tiny, ochre footprints.
Canvas bound manuscript - 7500gp
Thick sheaf of parchment make up a heavy manuscript, trapped between two thin sheets of canvas-covered wood. Stained with tea into a rich dark brown, the simple covering serves as a backdrop for an embroidered thistle; the prickly plant tall and crowned purple, stitched in dried grasses from across the lands. Reinforcing the spine and coated with a protective lacquer, yew needles line up in regimental uniformity, their poisonous green dark and glossy against the fabric jacket.