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Aegis, God of War
Realm War
Symbols a mailed fist
Relatives Eris (wife)

Pandora (daughter)

Pandemonium (son)

Allies see Relatives
Enemies Slith
Order Name The Aegeans
Temples Temple of War, in the Siroccian Mountains

The Vashnar Mountains

Aegis, God of War is the Lord General and an esteemed Elder God. Many associate the realm of war with the most spectacular and obvious effects of a protacted military campaign. Pictures of armies arrayed against each other are easy to conjure in any mind. Sieged walls, knights riding out in armour and even hordes of demons upon the field are the easiest physical manifestations of war that one can imagine. The realm of Aegis, however, is not limited to the bloody battleground. Aegis' realm encompasses any skill, task, philosophical or social activity that in some fashion creates or perpetuates conflict. Hence, diplomacy, secrecy, merchantry and even scholastics all have a place alongside the more directs arts of battle in the realm of War.


During the mythos, He was supreme commander of the Elder Gods' legions of armies who would finally defeat the Triumvirate with the help of the newly found dragons. After the Elder Gods' victory, He walked the many universes spreading war. However, in recent history, He returned to Sapience during the War of the Divine Child. Since His return, His order has grown and erected many shrines devoted to him, shrines characterised by a mailed fist and flaming scimitar.

He is wed to Eris, Goddess of Chaos. He has two divine children: Pandora, Goddess of Mischief and Pandemonium, God of Strife.

The Aegeans

Aegis' order is His army upon Sapience. Whilst it contains some of the most highly skilled warriors in Sapience, it gains its strength through its attention to discipline, to teamwork and to the well-being of the whole; each member, from general to lowly foot soldier, must prove their worth to the army and only those who have shown true faith in Aegis are members of His Order.

Members of the Order of War come from all classes, races and all have different abilities and personalities. To be accepted one must demonstrate absolute dedication to the cause of war, to Aegis and to the army.

Divine Symbols

The main symbol of Aegis is a mailed fist. Aegis has three specific symbols outside of this, which are the lion, the hawk and the blade.

His weapons are the Warp Witch, the Scimitar of Jurlial, and the Blade of Tuv'rei.