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Vixen, the Wilderness Guide, was a fiery red-haired Tsol'aa of nature and was the tutor of the Sentinels of Nature House. While primarily teaching only the Sentinel classskills for over a century, she delved into her tomes to teach the abilities of other classes, too, with the recent introduction of Houses and conversion of the Sentinels Guild.

She moved several times with the Guild, from the Shallam guildhall, to Hashan, then to Gaia's temple, before taking up residence in the hanging gardens of the Sentinel House estate in Eleusis.

In the year 271, she fell gravely ill from residing too long near the Shrine of Death in later closed off portions of Gaia's temple. Over a month, her conditions worsened as she began experiencing feverish dreams of death and decay of the forests. In her delirium, she started wandering the Western Ithmia until Titania, Queen of the Dryads, found and cared for her.

Titania knew that the cure for Vixen required four Sentinels to use the dreaded Groves ability of annihilation to channel their Groves' energy into their ailing tutor. Oswald, Kolieer, Ishiva, and Aslan all destroyed their Groves with the skill, as the other Sentinels fed their energy to them. After the deed was done, the entire Guild found their physical bonds to the forest severed, their skill of Groves gone.

Vixen was cured, however, and shortly thereafter went on a pilgrimage to the Savannah village of Tomacula to seek out Etarni, the hunter, and his secrets of Woodlore. Together, they shared the new skill with the Sentinels the following month.

Shortly after Vixen was cured, Titania showed the Sentinels the way into the lost village of Eleusis, hidden deep within the Eastern Ithmia.

Vixen's Wares

a glass pot
Blown and moulded with great skill, this crystalline glass pot is nearly invisible. The sides of the pot are etched with various plants and herbs. The bottom of the pot is coated with a layer of diamond dust to prevent the glass from melting under the intense heats required to boil elixirs and salves.