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An element is one of the five basic building blocks - earth, fire, air, water, and spirit - that compose the material world. Pure, unspoiled elements manifest most profusely on their respective elemental planes. These planes are populated almost solely by elementals of that plane's given type and are lorded over by a primary elemental being. (For example, Kkractle, the Eternal Fire, is the chief fire elemental, although some Achaean physicists theorise that this Elemental Lord is the plane itself, a mere sentient manifestation of an otherwise seemingly inanimate terrain. The other Elemental Lords are Garash, the Immovable Mountain, Sllshya, the Great Ocean, and Whiirh, the Western Wind; the angels are occasionally thought of as Spirit elementals presiding over their home plane of Celestia although others consider this baseless conjecture). As an example of a raw element, the fires of both the sun and phoenixes consist of primal elemental fire. Elemental ice, on the other hand, is frozen elemental water shaped magically. This valuable commodity is most famously crafted and sold by the Tsol'aa of the Aalen Forest.

Mortals can call upon the elements by way of the Elementalism (and formerly Healing) skills. A Vertani parallel may be drawn in the priests of House Hasii, who work with the spirit element in lieu of worshipping a given deity. By Vertani beliefs, elemental spirit is a manifestation of the All.

The patron God of the elements was Agatheis, the Elemental Lord. In His early attempts to control the elements, Agatheis inadvertently created the Flame of Yggdrasil. Elements thus enter into the worship of a few distinct societies, such as the Aeraithians of the Aeraithian Falls. In the past, the Atavians of Genji did as well, though with the death of Agatheis they eventually moved to worship the natural world and Gaia, the Wildwood Queen.