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Leader Entaro Nilithar
Divine Patron Sartan, the Malevolent
Founder Members of the old Infernals Guild and other followers of Lord Sartan
City Tutor Maric
City Guardian Mhaldorus
Heraldic Arms Gules, an escarbuncle Or within a bordure of the second
Allies Blackrock, Enverren
Enemies Eleusis, Targossas, Moghedu, Elemental Plane of Water
Key Documents The Seven Truths and the Catechisms

In the year 301 AF, shortly after the Shrine Wars that plagued Sapience, a mysterious stalagmite appeared within the mountain island where Sartan, Lord of Evil was trapped. In their despair, followers of the imprisoned God began to impale themselves upon the rock formation and their sacrifices fed the spread of a plant-killing red fog. The miasma of evil that was the fog seemed to grow with each death and soon spread off the island. Despite the efforts of Oakstone, the Church, and other individuals to stave off the fog, it continued to spread and even take on a life of its own. In desperation to be rid of the fog, Gaia, the Earthmother, caused a tremendous quake to try and sink the island. The effect was the opposite, however; and not only did the fog spread faster, but the bonds of Sartan were finally broken and He escaped. Upon His release, He dubbed Himself Sartan, the Malevolent, and raised a stronghold known as Baelgrim Fortress for His faithful. The city of Mhaldor was founded by a Maldaathi knight named Kaelin.

In 396 AF, Lord Sartan bid the Lady Keresis to help split Himself asunder using a mighty stalagmite. It was at this time that He was divided into the two Divine from which He had been formed, Lord Shaitan and Lord Apollyon. Until the events of the Bal'met Saga, the city was jointly ruled by the two Divine, with the occasional help of Keresis, and city patronage was decided during the annual Sarapin Sacrifice.

The city of Mhaldor is located on the island surrounded by blood-red waters, just off the Northern Vashnars, connected by a massive bridge formed from the carcass of the Leviathan. It is home to the Houses of the Insidium and Dread Legates. It is a city dedicated to Evil and the propagation of the Seven Truths of Evil. Its architecture is that of two overlapping circles around Baelgrim Fortress.

Laws and Policies

Mhaldor’s laws may be read from an obsidian slab at the gates of the city.

Government and Political History

City Ranks

  1. Slave
  2. Troni
  3. Dynamis
  4. Dominion
  5. Archai
  6. Exsusiai

City Patrons

301 AF - Lord Sartan became the first Patron of Mhaldor
396 AF - Lord Shaitan and Lord Apollyon replace Lord Sartan, and jointly Patron the city of Mhaldor.
594 AF - Lady Keresis began patronage of Mhaldor.
611 AF - Lord Sartan regains patronage.

City Leaders (Tyranni)

313 AF - Hwolf becomes the first Tyrannus.
333 AF - Mistral ascends to Tyrannus.
334 AF - Yig ascends to Tyrannus.
336 AF - Watchman ascends to Tyrannus.
346 AF - Khoraji ascends to Tyrannus.
347 AF - Kaelin ascends to Tyrannus.
363 AF - Watchman ascends to Tyrannus again.
370 AF - Khoraji ascends to Tyrannus again.
396 AF - Wulfen ascends to Tyrannus.
434 AF - Dethea ascends to Tyrannus.
449 AF - Rameus ascends to Tyrannus.
453 AF - Wulfen ascends to Tyrannus again.
468 AF - Dethea ascends to Tyrannus again.
476 AF - Ranzou ascends to Tyrannus.
481 AF - Icaru ascends to Tyrannus.
488 AF - Nocroth ascends to Tyrannus.
501 AF - Kaevan ascends to Tyrannus.
522 AF - Nulaye ascends to Tyrannus.
534 AF - Herenicus ascends to Tyrannus.
542 AF - Sabiru ascends to Tyrannus.
564 AF - Carmain ascends to Tyrannus.
572 AF - Icaru ascends to Tyrannus again.
579 AF - Sabiru ascends to Tyrannus again.
594 AF - Kaevan ascends to Tyrannus again.
608 AF - Xenomorph ascends to Tyrannus.
628 AF - Ruth ascends to Tyrannus.
680 AF - Xinna ascends to Tyrannus.
703 AF - Taraus ascends to Tyrannus.
722 AF - Proficy ascends to Tyrannus.
753 AF - Cooper ascends to Tyrannus.
774 AF - Alrena ascends to Tyrannus.
791 AF - Ysela ascends to Tyrannus.
830 AF - Stheno ascends to Tyrannus.
853 AF - Taryius ascends to Tyrannus.
866 AF - Proficy ascends to Tyrannus again.
870 AF - Entaro ascends to Tyrannus.


Directly past the gates of Mhaldor, the Stygian Crossroads can be found, a popular gathering point for citizens and slaves alike. Upwards from the Crossroads you can find the Baelgrim Fortress, a statue of Lord Kaelin stands in the Central Courtyard of the dread fortress, and the tunnels that hold The Heart of Caizehl lie just below. Along the Avenue of Trapped Souls is an eerie looking tree, it is here that aspiring Mhaldorians kneel and swear their oath of loyalty. Don’t stand too close for the tree is blood-thirsty, and has been known to make attempts at grabbing people. North and East of that is the Mhaldorian Cathedral, occasionally referred to as the Black Basilica. Erected in 433 AF, this monumental building stands as an antipode to the Chrysalis Basilica which once stood in Shallam. Every Sarapin, a sacrifice to the Lord of Evil is conducted within the centre of the Cathedral.

Further north at Pestilent Way stands a statue depicting the splitting of Sartan into the gods Shaitan and Apollyon. Also present is a pyramid of skulls, a gruesome collection of the heads of Mhaldor’s enemies over the years that assails the cities skyline. Touching it will reveal the exact number.

Should you enter the lower circle of the city, a trip to the markets will bring you across Gack, the slaver, as well as many shops selling a range of wares. North from the slave markets is the cruel Chamber of Eyes, host to many torturous devices including the Wheel of Agony and Pillaries.

Continuing along to the west side of the lower circle you'll find the Red Square, perhaps the most iconic of Mhaldorian landmarks, this is where Theoren, the executioner, punishes citizens who have broken Mhaldorian law or shown disrespect to their superiors.

Beware the adventurer who chooses to risk the sewers of Mhaldor. Frost daemons and other oddities crawl around the depths. You may also stumble across Bertram, the sewer worker, who could be possibly be the foulest man in Sapience.

Lastly is the city subdivision, Acheron, where a number of citizens own private residences.


Other denizens visitors may encounter while exploring Mhaldor:


All facilities in Mhaldor are located on the first level of the city. The Succubi Letters, Mhaldor’s post office, is located on the east side of the city along Nefarious way. It has a rather unique but cranky postal service helmed by the demoness Eimeri. Virea, a bowmistress, tends the city's archery needs from within the Baelgrim Fortress.

The Incubi Archives are located on the west side of the city along Abomination road. Here, visitors may catch up on news. Pestilent Way at the northern point of the city is where Maric, the ratman and tutor of the city, resides, as well as the local bank, called The Vault, directly south of him.

A point to note are the schools of piranha that are located all over the city in deep pools. They serve as humgiis in the city along with an actual, snarling one who sits with Maric.


Shops are located all over Mhaldor, but the main shops are located in the market district in the lower circle of the city. Rurin’s business has not reached this island and necessities such as inks and even sigils are sold in shops owned by Drogo, the travelling merchant. The quality and durability of said items, however, leave much to be desired. Mhaldor once had a jewellery store in the market district known as Vanity, once run by the seductive Emalaith, it is now open for ownership by adventurers instead. Those with an interest in unique stationery might wish to track down Eimeri and have a look at her wares. Because of Mhaldor’s high population of thieves, one might find rare or unique guild items within certain shops, either on display or for sale. With some luck, if one was robbed, one might actually be able to buy it back here.

Dining and Recreation

Mhaldor proves itself to be a unique and challenging experience for diners providing exotic but somewhat grisly fare in the taproom of the Worm and Grub. Those looking for a more exquisite restaurant experience should visit the tavern's lowest floor, where the Baelgrim Bistro offers a more refined dining experience to the paying adventurer, and Den of Iniquity offers inebriating refreshments.

For those less food-inclined, there is the arena. The Colloseum Diabolus is one of the more unique arenas in Sapience with segmented areas joined by a single warp. Those less physically inclined might simply wish to settle down for a round of roulette with Ardak or blackjack with Lugbrad, or even a game of chess or darts while enjoying drinks in the common room of the Worm and Grub.

Famous Faces

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