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Vastar, the Skylord
Realm The Skies
Symbols an argent wing in flight, a stylised whirlwind of silver on a field of white, a sapphire falcon with extended wings, and a glowing spiral of silver on a cerulean background.
Relatives None
Allies Arcadia, Azatlan, Ashtan, the Seat of Vastar
Enemies Neraeos
Order Name The Order of the Silver Wing; individual members are called Farethi
Temples The Temple of the Sky in the Western Vashnars, and the Sky Tower of Arcadia

Vastar, the Skylord is the God of the Skies, their undisputed ruler, and one of the ancient and primordial Elder Gods created by Ayar at the dawn of Time.

Vastar's teachings consist of the Sky and the Storm. Each is but one half of the belief system in Azatlan, the mythical, distant land wherein dwell the greatest concentration of His chosen people. Dwelling within the depths of His omnipotent Storm, the Skylord accepts only the best into the ranks of His Farethi, passing through devastation and destruction of immeasurable liberty. His Skies are the fulcrum of boundless potential, immeasurable glory, unfettered ascension, relentless danger, and supreme glory.

The only Atavian community that does not recognise His unquestioned authority is Genji village, who turned from His gaze long ago to serve Agatheis and in the years since the Elemental Lord's death converted to the worship of Gaia and veneration of Nature.


Vastar was one of the original Elder Gods created by Ayar. He took part in the Battle of Nishnatoba against the Triumvirate and is the spiritual father of the race that is His creation, the winged Atavians.

In the year 208 AF, Vastar awakened from His long slumber by radiation in the sky unleashed during the combined explosions of the great sun Ethian and the bottomless pit Abbadon. Upon seeing the killing energies polluting His realm, Vastar drew the activity out from the atmosphere and condensed it into a shimmering sphere high above the continent. This ball of energy became the comet that now annually crosses paths with Achaea and is all that remains of Ethian, the Morning Star.

Vastar returned to slumber once more but in more recent times returned under the guise of an Atavian wanderer.

At the turn of the fifth century after the fall of Seleucar, rising tensions between the Tritons and Arcadians drew the Skylord's attention dramatically back to the Prime Material Plane. Following a heated battle within the Sky Tower of Arcadia, Vastar struck out against the Tritons directly, sending a storm of energy coursing from that same tower into the hidden city of Scyros, leaving destruction in its wake. In response, Neraeos sent a massive tidal hand to crush the Sky Tower. At an impasse, the two gods withdrew their wrath and in ancient tradition agreed to a trial of ritual combat, marking the official declaration of the war of Sky and Sea.

In the wake of a long absence from the lands of Achaea, in the year 759 AF the Skylord returned His gaze once more to the Prime Material. As the city of Ashtan amassed a vast stockpile of elemental cores for the Air Ambassador and reunified the Mistral with the Western Wind, the elemental was attacked by the incandescent fury of Jeramun, the Flame of the World. Rescuing the inhabitants of the Prime from death by suffocation and binding the elemental anchor to Him, Vastar upheld the accord forged once before in the distant past and now reforged by Ashtan.

The Order of the Silver Wing

Vastar has no interest in the structured, ordered hierarchies of other Divine, preferring instead to focus Himself upon the cultivation of the perfection in the individual. He seeks followers with the initiative to embrace the fundamental truth of the Sky and Storm. He requires mastery of the self, casting aside - by force, if need be - whatever barriers might be placed in their path ever higher towards perfection before they rise into the fullest glory of His Skies, transcending beyond the shackles placed on them.

Though once content to encourage the growth of His Order, Vastar now places equal emphasis in combating the encroaching influence of the God of the Sea, and upon His Divine support of the goals espoused by Ashtan, the Seat of Chaos, long His focus amidst the varied city-states of Sapience.

Divine Symbols

The holy symbol of Vastar is an argent wing in flight. Also featuring among His marks are a stylised whirlwind of silver on a field of white, a sapphire falcon with extended wings, and a glowing spiral of silver on a cerulean background.