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Leader Atalkez Al'Jafri
Divine Patron Aurora, the Lightbringer and Deucalion, the Righteous Fire
Founder Aurora, the Lightbringer and Deucalion, the Righteous Fire
City Tutor General Cazin
City Guardian Ilona'neron, the Colossus
Heraldic Arms Sable, on a roundel Or, a Sword of Dunamis Tenne
Allies none
Enemies Ashtan, Mhaldor, and Hashan
Key Documents The Adherent's Handbook

Founded on the 22nd of Daedalan, 623 years after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire, Targossas, the Dawnspear is the city of Good. Heralded as the Dawnspear, its foundations were laid by the Bloodsworn Gods Themselves as They embedded the legendary Sword of Dunamis into the bank of the Zaphar River. This act created a new branch now called the Silverveil River, which runs to the east coast south of Delos and through the newly formed archipelago that makes up the city as it stands today.

Presided over by the Conclave of the Dawn, the government of Targossas is composed of four divinely-appointed Lumarchs. The Prophet of Enlightenment takes care of the cultural aspects of the city, overseeing the Academy and application procedures, as well as other ministries tending to the spiritual well-being of the populace, while the Prophet of Justice handles disciplinary and security-related matters. The Hand of Dawn is responsible for the Targossian reporting system, finances, record-keeping as well as the appointment of new Ministers. Finally, the Dawnlord is the city leader, ensuring that the Bloodsworn may see Their vision becoming reality. An array of ministers report to the Conclave and see to the smooth running of the major functions upon which every city-state relies. The city is, as Shallam was before it, a theocracy, its citizens trusting to their Gods to guide and to lead them.

Law and Policies

Targossian policy is noted for its "city first" integrity. All citizens are also allowed to become members of the Dawnspear's three Houses - The Dawnblade, Luminai, and Harbingers of Redemption, though this is not a requirement for a citizen of Targossas. No ties to foreign powers are permitted of those who dwell within those hallowed halls. As the scion of Good, Targossas shares Shallam's former antipathy for Evil, Chaos and Darkness. Aggressively stamping out these forces features prominently in Targossian civic life.

Government and Political History

City Ranks

  1. Settler
  2. Sentry
  3. Devout
  4. Vigilant
  5. Paragon
  6. Vanguard

City Patrons

623 AF - Lady Aurora and Lord Deucalion became the first Patrons of Targossas.

City Leaders - Dawnlords

623 AF - First Dawnlord: Silas Maynard
655 AF - Havyn Shu'in-Crescent
670 AF - Aldair d'Vast
683 AF - Antidas Wintermourne
690 AF - Dannyl Maynard
699 AF - Havyn Shu'in-Crescent
704 AF - Rohai Shu'in
730 AF - Farrah Roualt
752 AF - Micaelis al Nadir
762 AF - Atalkez Al'Jafri
774 AF - Farrah Roualt
806 AF - Sothantos de l'Evanoir
833 AF - Lyndee Faelithar
870 AF - Atalkez Al'Jafri


Targossas Map.jpg
  • The fifteen (15) islands of the Targossian archipelago are: Acacia, Anost, Averrone, Beladan, Blackstone, Brighthold, Duskmere, Greathorn, North Mirror and South Mirror, Naxos, Ram, Shornwall, Sundown, and Veil's End. Eleven (11) islands of Acacia, Averrone, Blackstone, Brighthold, Greathorn, Naxos, Ram, and Sundown are in the upper city, above the Greater and Lesser Eusian Falls. The four (4) islands of Anost, Beladan, Duskmere, and Shornwall stand in the lower city, surrounded by the Solace Bay.


  • Silverbright Square is a broad gathering place at the centre of the Bloodsworn temple complex and is located in the centre of Brighthold, the administrative centre and largest island of the archipelago.
  • The Heart of Dawn, the massive ziggurat erected as a council building to the east of the square.
  • The Beladan Metalworks, the industrial centre of the city, complete with forge, locksmith, and brickyard.
  • The Champions' Bridge at the entrance to the city, where stand statues of many of Good's greatest military figures.
  • Isle of Ram, located west of Brighthold, boasts the expansive Library of Ram, as well as the Flames of Dawn and the Eye of Dawn.
  • The Gauntlet on Greathorn is the arena of Targossas, with such creative innovations as catapults and trap doors.
  • The Targossian Academy, the centre for novice training and study, is located on the westernmost island of Sundown.


Survivors of Shallam

Former Shallamese denizens who were diligently evacuated during the invasion of that ancient city. Some escaped with the adventurer refugees to New Hope while others took refuge for a time in other places such as Cyrene and Jaru.

  • An unnamed, water-logged humgii.
  • Ankur, the server.
  • Barkash, the locksmith.
  • Beggar Tuck, a former vagrant of Paradise Park who sells common goods near the harbour.
  • Caliphan, the Scribe Master, who now finds his home in the Heart of Dawn along with the former Luminai scribe Cenys.
  • The lovers Camilla Prietta and Rudolpho Montagenet, who have moved to Mistfall Square.
  • DeBurr, the legendary near-sighted jeweller formerly of Shallam.
  • Diella, who runs the bar on Shornwall, the Salvaged Spirit.
  • Elode, an Arcadian maiden, who maintains a bookshop on Blackstone.
  • Enran of the Dawnguard, who stands guard over the city's elemental weapons. Naxian mistweavers, Riverwall bow-maidens, Blackstone swordsmen (who are in fact generally women), Shornwall defenders and Duskmere brawlers are stationed at various posts throughout the city, while General Cazin drills newbies in the Heart of Dawn, and Jaydus stands guard on the ramparts of the Riverwall.
  • Erendil, the former Templar barkeep has taken up blacksmithing in the forge on Beladan.
  • Jamian, a young dwarf, a survivor of Shallam who has set up a new bait shop on Shornwall.
  • Kaela, the sculptor, who set up shop in on Brighthold near to the Aviary.
  • Mahmoud, the Stablemaster.
  • Marhisa, Priestess of Virtue, who assists in the curating of the Great Library of Ram.
  • Nirah, the foster mother of Jaydus.
  • Oghma, the museum curator, who found his way from the boats that left Shallam to the Lyceum in Cyrene and there to the Terrace of the Dawn and the new museum of Targossas.
  • Rhydasia, the flower merchant.
  • Samel, the server.
  • Shai, the chef at The Radiant Shore restaurant on Averrone.
  • Lady Talarna who zealously takes up her post within the barracks of Blackstone.
  • Tumaini, a quiet young troll.
  • Zalas, Herald of Light, who has taken up residence in the Temple of the Lightbringer.

New Faces

  • Dawlish, the one-handed Atavian boy and dutiful city crier.
  • Dorienne, the server.
  • Galdwin, an elderly bartender.
  • Garsimor, master of the Beladan brickyard.
  • Hutchings, the Broker.
  • Imaan, the Priestess who conducts calls to prayer at the Centre of Silverbright Square.
  • Irisa, the blackjack dealer.
  • Heelda, a young attendant
  • Lisae, a roulette attendant.
  • Harbourmaster Khelwyn.
  • Maeris, the architect whose team designed and built most of the city to the specifications of the Bloodsworn.
  • Melvin, the Pavilion promoter.
  • Niusha, the High Cleric.
  • Olleo, an orderly hawker
  • Philipe, an El'Jaziran crafter.
  • Rothin, overseer of the indigo pits on Beladan Isle.
  • Battlemaster Thorge.
  • Sashyna, a feisty woodcarver
  • Thano, an enormous apprentice woodcarver


The facilities of Targossas are primarily found on the government isle of Brighthold, in the centre of the city.

  • The Archival Conservatory - newsroom located on the western end of Brighthold isle.
  • A radiant aviary - post office located north of the newsroom.
  • The Targossian Treasury - bank, located on the lower terrace of the Heart of Dawn.
  • A smoke-filled smithyard - forge, located in the Beladan Metalworks.
  • The locksmith of Targossas - locksmith also in the Beladan Metalworks.


The Dawnspear hosts four primary shopping centres:

  • Acacia Isle with its picturesque, flower filled marketplace. Rhydasia may be found here.
  • The Silverveil Promenade on Veil's End boasts its own cluster of wealthy shops.
  • The humble Middle Street businesses of Mistfall Square on the lower isle of Duskmere. Crazy Hakhim may be found here, having taken over a small office in one of the empty shops.
  • A bevy of shops huddled on the twisting alleyway of Traders Row on the eastern isle of Shornwall.

Dining and Recreation

Targossas has a wide range of food, drink, and entertainment for its citizens and their guests:

  • Plying the canals of the city is the Argent Phoenix, a gilded casino barge which boasts blackjack tables, roulette, and waiters carrying trays of hors d'oeuvres amongst guests.
  • The Radiant Shore restaurant rises from Averrone, a picturesque establishment serving dishes named for bygone heroes.
  • Managed by Melvin, the Pavilion promoter, the glass and marble pavilion of Veil's End is a restful retreat which also serves as a large, open centre for city gatherings and holidays.
  • A newly-installed museum featuring exhibits from older and newer periods of time, all relating to the history of Good

Streets: Angel Avenue, Harbour Way, Horn Lane, Middle Street, Mistfall Road, Radiant Approach, Silverbright Road, Silverveil Promenade, Trader's Row

Shopping Districts: Acacia Isle, Mistfall Square, Silverveil Plaza, Trader's Row, Veil's End

Famous Faces