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Faeore, Oracle of Seasons, can be found within the House estate of the Sylvanic Fellowship in Eleusis. She is a jolly person, quite unlike her associate Dyyn.

Faeore's Discontinued Wares

Copper pot engraved with sylvanic runes
Hammered out of the finest copper, the surface of this fine pot is very smooth and the metal seems to gently chime when touched. Engraved carefully on the surface, runes of the Sylvan guild encircle the pot's outer rim, explaining the noble history of the guild, and explaining the relationship of the members to both Nature and the Elements. Leafy filigree has been carved into the inner rim of the pot, circling the bowl in a parade of forest leaves.
Ash scabbard adorned with elemental symbols
Carved out of a branch of ash wood, this scabbard is of simple but elegant design. The symbols of the four elements, Fontis, Aeris, Terra, and Exurio, have been carved on the side and subtly enhanced with colourful pigments. Separating each symbol is an elliptical band of burnished steel which adds rigidity to the sheath; a cap of the same material fits over the end, protecting the point. A belt of matching leather is designed to tighten around the waist with a buckle engraved with a magnificent ash tree: the home of the Sylvanic Fellowship. Inside, a lining of oilskin protects the blade from the wear and tear of the elements.
Summerstorm butterfly harp
Strings stretch tightly across the open frame of this hand-held harp, swooping elegantly along the undulating neck to the knee, while the smallest strings bring the neck and soundboard together. An unusually delicate column at the front of the instrument has been fashioned out of ebony into the shape of a butterfly's body. Veins of ash wood outline the details of the legs along the column and the antennae along the neck, just above the tuning pins, turning the vivid sky emulated in the body of the harp into the wings of a summerstorm butterfly.