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Kastalia, Goddess of the River
Realm Rivers and Lakes
Symbols a water lily, the tear, and a kingfisher
Relatives Neraeos (father)

Ourania (mother)

Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name None
Temples the Temple of the River upon Meropis

Lady Kastalia, Goddess of the River, reigned as the fluvial Queen, guarding the sinuous waterways of the land. Existing outside of factional constriction, She remained within the watery depths as an enigmatic, complex Divinity.


In the year 385 AF, the Goddess of the Moon awoke from Her slumber and shed a single tear for the beauty of the vast world. The tear rolled off into the churning waters where it was seemingly forgotten, yet instead of letting it drift through the ocean it was captured by Lord Neraeos and placed within a hidden temple in Riparium for safekeeping. Along with the tear, He sent a trusted priest to tend to its growth. It began to grow into a young Goddess and upon Her birth the rivers of the world became clear of a toxic substance that tainted them. The newly emerged Divine was named 'Kastalia' and was given governance over the lakes and rivers that were once part of Her father's realm.

For little over a century did the Goddess stand proudly amongst Those of the Garden, before roaming into the lands of the unknown. It was in the year 581 AF that She returned, summoned by the the unfaltering faith of Her Chosen and the powerful magicks of the Delta Alliance.

In the year 610 AF, Kastalia's attempted rescue of Hermes from the world of Krenindala ended in tragedy when divinity was torn from Her by the newly empowered rogue God Bal'met. Her screams were heard as the rivers of Achaea overflowed their banks. The moon above turned a sickly blood red in Ourania's mourning of Her slain daughter.

Divine Symbols

Kastalia possessed three prominent symbols, each of extreme importance. The first was a blooming water lily, the second was a tear, and the third a vibrant kingfisher.

Eternium, a manifestation of the River of Eternity, was a close confidant of the River Goddess.