Scions of the Ithmia

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The Scions of the Ithmia
Ascendant Arctanin
Triumvirs Finnegan and Ranara
Patron Gaia, Goddess of Nature
Leadership Style Triumvirate
Founder Ellodin Longshanks
City Eleusis
Classes Permitted All but Alchemists, Apostates, Infernals, Occultists, Pariah, Priests, Paladins, and Unnameables
House Tutor Ruiha, the Instructor
Heraldric Arms Vert, a wyvern displayed Argent
Icon None

The Scions of the Ithmia is a House within the village of Eleusis. Like their forestal brethren, the Heartwood Kin, the Scions make Nature their priority in all things, and dedicate themselves to the protection and preservation of such, knowing that it is Nature which sustains and succors all through their lives.

Devoted to the protection of the natural world at all costs, the Scions of the Ithmia are passionately opposed to those who exploit and diminish it for personal gain. They are fierce guardians of ecological balance, charged with stamping out any threats against it. Proudly do they offer their lives in service, quick to claim vengeance against those who would blight the earth.

The Scions of the Ithmia herald the truth of the land by virtue of edification, public ceremony, and dominant force: through their efforts are the blindfolds of the ignorant lifted, unveiling the majesty of the natural world. Limitless in number and relentless in their endeavours, the Scions of the Ithmia call upon the sheer ferocity of Nature to bring about retribution. At their call does natural power come forth, salvaging the tainted and cleansing the rot, affording fresh growth to a locus once plagued by the caprice of mankind.

Fortified amongst the boughs of the forests, the Scions of the Ithmia are consumed by a single vision: To see the roots of Nature's influence spread throughout the known world.


The Scions were originally founded in 678 AF. With the continuing presence of the Ventos Allegos beginning to overpower the forest and Eleusis, the woods began to become distorted. Awakened from her slumber by the arrival of the magical creature, Lady Artemis combined her powers with Lady Gaia's to remove it and rejuvenate the forest. Trees began to heal and change with the surge of natural energy, including the hollow ones containing the three forestal Great Houses. The three organisations ceased to exist, but a short time later the two Patrons created the fledgling Heartwood Kin and the Scions of the Ithmia, vigorous new Houses to continue upholding the solemn duties left by the old Houses and dissolution of Oakstone.

Political History


678 AF - Lady Artemis and Lady Gaia are the first Divine Patrons.
793 AF - Lord Aegis and Lady Gaia
853 AF - Lord Aegis
863 AF - Lady Gaia

Leadership - The Ithmian Thorn

678 AF - Ellodin Longshanks is selected as the inaugural Ithmian Thorn.
738 AF - Ellodin Rahal steps down, and Mycen Winterspur is selected as the Ithmian Thorn.
740 AF - Mycen Winterspur steps down, and Marisella Yuridja-Keyte is selected as the Ithmian Thorn.
768 AF - Marisella Yuridja-Keyte steps down, and Caelan Longshanks is selected as the Ithmian Thorn.
768 AF - Caelan Longshanks steps down, and Faedwyn Winterhart is selected as the Ithmian Thorn.
824 AF - Faedwyn Winterhart steps down, and Andraste Montenego is selected as the Ithmian Thorn.
865 AF - Andraste Montenegro steps down, and Landon Stormcrow is selected as the Ithmian Thorn.
890 AF - Landon Stormcrow steps down, and Ellenroh Saxe Si'Talvace is selected as Ithmian Thorn.
892 AF - Ellenroh Saxe Si'Talvace steps down, and Dythesa is selected as Ithmian Thorn.
893 AF - Dythesa leaves the House, and Truax is selected as Ithmian Thorn.
893 AF - Truax is cast out of the House, and Arctanin is selected as Ithmian Thorn.

Leadership - The Triad of Thorns

678 AF - Ravien, Minxie, and Ellodin are the initial members of the Triad.
690 AF - Minxie steps down, and Marisella replaces.
697 AF - Ravien goes dormant, and Seftin replaces.
703 AF - Seftin retires, and Lilian replaces.
711 AF - Lilian goes dormant, and Penwize replaces.
719 AF - Penwize goes dormant, and Florentino replaces.
729 AF - Florentino retires, and Mycen replaces.
739 AF - Ellodin steps down, and Faedwyn replaces.
740 AF - Mycen steps down, Coamenel replaces.
754 AF - Coamenel steps down, Caelan replaces.
766 AF - Marisella steps down, Telinus replaces.
775 AF - Faedwyn steps down, Torrent replaces.
798 AF - Torrent steps down, Faedwyn replaces.
806 AF - Deziny becomes house leader.
811 AF - Ryx becomes house leader.
814 AF - Morzakai becomes house leader.
816 AF - Miayakai becomes house leader.
824 AF - Isaeri becomes house leader.
828 AF - Andraste becomes house leader.
828 AF - Ardat becomes house leader.
833 AF - Ainly becomes house leader.
838 AF - Landon becomes house leader.
840 AF - Milabar becomes house leader.

Leadership - The Tribal Assembly

848 AF - The Triad of Thorns becomes the Tribal Assembly of the Scions.
866 AF - Ellenroh becomes house leader, replacing Milabar.
875 AF - Tysel becomes house leader, replacing Andraste.
892 AF - Dythesa becomes house leader, replacing Landon.
892 AF - Truax becomes house leader, replacing Tysel.
892 AF - Mycen becomes house leader after Ellenroh steps down.
893 AF - Dythesa, Mycen, and Truax are cast out of the House following charges of Treason.
894 AF - Arctanin, Rannara, and Finnegan replace Dythesa, Truax, and Mycen

Icon History

No icon has ever been raised.


Ruiha, the Instructor is the House instructor.