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Thoth, the Lord of Death
Realm Death
Symbols A soaring vulture, a large willow tree, a black flame
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name The Qui'anar
Temples The obelisk on Mhaldor Isle

The Soulrealms

Thoth, the Endbringer was the Elder God known as the Inevitable, Lord of Souls, Master of Death, and Guardian of the Soulrealms. Thoth was slain by Prince Slith, Lord of the Undead Legions in the year 715 AF.

He was reputed to be a reclusive and bitter deity, aloof in all things mortal. He served as Guardian, Caretaker, and Collector of the Souls of the dead. The Lord of Death greeted all departed souls and leads them into the eternal realms of the Soul. Being neither Evil nor Good in nature, the Lord of Death accepted all mortal souls into His realms regardless of their actions in those brief preparatory moments called "life."

Those that would gain His attention by causing needless destruction and loss of life would find themselves ill-served. He cares not for such ways. The souls of lives that are cut short do not benefit Him nor His Realms, and those who cause these things to come about will earn His emnity. As in life, that fleeting, uncertain preliminary to all who enter the realms of Lord Thoth, so too in death there must be purpose.

Lord Thoth intended that all living complete the full and unavoidably brief terms appointed to their lives, secure in the inevitable reality that they will all come to face Him. One who lives a full life will leave his mortal coil with no regrets, embarking on the final journey with Him to the Soulrealms. According to Thoth, mortals should heed this warning and live each day as though it were their last.

It was in the past that Thoth would judge souls and grants salvation to those who EMBRACE DEATH in the Halls of Thoth, once known as the Halls of Maya.


There is no notable history for Thoth

The Qui'anar

While Lord Thoth cares not for matters of mortal consequence, He spends some of His vast attention on a group of mortals that He calls His children. His Order is known as the Qui'anar, in honour of the original Qui'anar that fell on Nishnatoba during the War of Humanity. A cult of assassins, warriors, priests, and prophets, they serve to further His influence. Also of note amongst His followers are the hired killers of the Quisalis Mark. While cloaked in mystery and intrigue, His realm is clear to those who follow Him. Many questions are answered by the souls of the dead.

Divine Symbols

The Lord of Death is represented by the image of a soaring vulture, a large willow tree, and a black flame.