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Vamuria is the newspaper editor of Eleusis. She can be found wandering the treetop village gathering the latest news of its forestal citizens.

Vamuria's Wares

Papyrus scroll entitled, 'The Grapevine' - 300gp
Wild grasses and crushed leaves press into a large leaf of papyrus, the scroll rippling with natural hues. A flourish of emerald tracery curls about the edges, embroidered in gleaming thread and twisting into an elegant margin. In the upper right-hand corner, an embossed golden leaf gleams with a dull lustre - the mark of the Grapevine. Carved of silvery oak, wooden rollers each bear the mark of Eleusis: engraved by a meticulous hand, a majestic stag rears upon the polished wood.