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Taurelasse, the Eleusian Artist, works from amid her cluttered studio to create and sell items of silver both useful and decorative in nature. She is constantly in need of further imports of silver so that she may restock her aesthetic wares.

Taurelasse's Wares

Black silver rose - 10000gp
This rose has been hand-crafted from silver ore and the petals stained black with patina. It has not a single thorn, and the leaves have shallow veins etched into their otherwise smooth surfaces.
Plain silver charm - 7500gp
This shapeless piece of gleaming silver bears the marks of a smith's hammer but no defining detail. Clearly it is meant to be used for some purpose, though its use is unclear.
Silver vial - 300gp
This small vial is quite ordinary in shape, but is covered in intricate details. Tiny vines are etched all around it, their leaves showing amazing levels of workmanship. The silver is polished to an amazing degree, which makes it shine in even the dimmest lighting. The vial features a small hinged lid which can be opened or closed with minimal effort. The rim of the vial is etched with tiny characters which are meant to represent fortune and vitality.
Silver tinderbox - 125gp
This small box is polished to near perfection and shines when even the smallest ray of light falls upon its surface. The lid is attached to the base with two tiny silver hinges. An image of the treetop village of Eleusis is etched onto the lid, while the bottom portrays an image of the Great Oak, the centre of Eleusian life. The box contains a flint and some straw for starting fires.