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Leader Jarrob Rian-Moonshadow
Divine Patron Lorielan
Founder Czanthria Zuiho_sho
City Tutor Indalecio
City Guardian Blu
Heraldic Arms Argent, a dragon close Azure
Allies Carnivalis Institute of Jestering
Enemies None
Key Documents The Twelve Tables of Cyrene and the Cyrene Policy and Law

Cyrene, Heart of the Vashnars, was first established within the Southern Vashnars before the time of Nicator and Seleucar, but after the founding of Ashtan and Shallam. It was founded by refugees from the Ashtan-Shallam Wars, seeking a place of peace. These early citizens kept the location of their sanctuary secret to keep themselves free from the troubles of the outside world.

Cyrene was discovered by the outside world in the year 288 AF when the blue dragon Ainghaeal terrorised the city, and Cyrene's remaining citizens had called out to the world for help. Revelation Azon was the first to discover the path to the city, and soon the dragon was slain by Janduin with the assistance of many brave adventurers. The last words Ainghaeal was reported to have said were, "There's nothing better than chomping a Senator."

This devastation made way for the Cyrene of today. Czanthria Zuiho_sho, a former Paladin and Vizier of Shallam, was called upon to become the first adventurer Imperiate of Cyrene, to lead the city into a new era. At this time Cyrene was refounded under the principles of respect and tolerance, while still revering peace and remembering the traditions of their predecessors.

At the time of the refounding of Cyrene, Czanthria also founded the Runewardens guild. Three other guilds eventually joined it in making Cyrene their home: the humble monks of the Mojushai, the fiercely loyal magi of the Arcanists, and the artists and performers of the Bards. Within time, all four guilds underwent conversions into Houses. After the Renaissance, three new Houses were formed: the defenders and combat trainers of Cyrene of The Vashnarian Shield, the talented artisans of The Virtuosi, intrepid explorers of the wilderness to introspective explorers of the mind in the Discurean Outriders.

Cyrene is guarded by the ever-watchful gazes of dashing troubadours, mountain archers, imperial guardsmen, ice mages, and runic knights.

Laws and Policies

Twelve Tables, a copy of which can be found at the gates of Cyrene for all to read, are the basis for Cyrenian law. A journal of Cyrene Policy and Law lies at The Cyrene Gates, including more detailed policies adopted by the Cyrene Senate.

Government and Political History

City Ranks

  1. Citizen
  2. Peer
  3. Noble
  4. Marquis (Masculine) / Marquise (Feminine)
  5. Duke (Masculine) / Duchess (Feminine)
  6. Lord (Masculine) / Lady (Feminine)

City Patrons

288 AF - Lord Caspian became the first Patron of Cyrene
317 AF - Lord Phaestus replaced Lord Caspian.
324 AF - Lord Prospero replaced Lord Phaestus.
362 AF - Lord Scarlatti replaced Lord Prospero.
371 AF - Lord Prospero replaced Lord Scarlatti.
454 AF - Lord Neraeos replaced Lord Prospero.
553 AF - Lord Phaestus replaced Lord Neraeos.
674 AF - Lady Valnurana replaced Lord Phaestus.
712 AF - Lord Prospero replaced Lady Valnurana.
777 AF - Lord Neraeos replaced Lord Prospero.
814 AF - Lord Phaestus replaced Lord Neraeos.
852 AF - Lord Phaestus renounced His patronage of Cyrene.
862 AF - Lady Lorielan accepted patronage of Cyrene.

City Leaders - Imperiates

288 AF - First Imperiate: Czanthria
314 AF - Faunus replaced Czanthria as Imperiate, Czanthria stepped down.
328 AF - Morkael replaced Faunus as Imperiate.
335 AF - Cree replaced Morkael as Imperiate, Morkael stepped down.
342 AF - Daare replaced Cree as Imperiate, Cree stepped down.
361 AF - Aeryi replaced Daare as Imperiate, Daare stepped down.
401 AF - Beneficia replaced Aeryi as Imperiate, Aeryi stepped down.
450 AF - Elora replaced Beneficia as Imperiate, Beneficia stepped down.
454 AF - Jhaeli replaced Elora as Imperiate, Elora stepped down.
462 AF - Sindri replaced Jhaeli as Imperiate, Jhaeli stepped down.
491 AF - Ariettie replaced Sindri as Imperiate, Sindri stepped down.
564 AF - Verrucht (interim) replaced Ariettie as Imperiate, Ariettie stepped down.
569 AF - Wyd replaced Verrucht as Imperiate, Verrucht stepped down when interim term ended.
576 AF - Chryseas replaced Wyd as Imperiate, Wyd stepped down.
602 AF - Verrucht replaced Chryseas as Imperiate, Chryseas stepped down.
799 AF - Ama-maalier replaced Verrucht as Overlord following occupation of Cyrene during the Third Black Wave.
800 AF - Cyrene reclaimed from Tsol'teth, Verrucht resumes Imperiate position.
810 AF - Roselie (interim) replaced Verrucht as Imperiate, Verrucht stepped down.
814 AF - Keorin replaced Roselie as Imperiate, Roselie stepped down when interim term ended.
866 AF - Laedha replaced Keorin as Imperiate, Keorin removed by majority Senate vote.
886 AF - Laedha steps down as Imperiate.
888 AF - Kirsi elected to Imperiate by majority Senate vote.
900 AF - Perl replaced Kirsi as Imperiate, Kirsi stepped down.
906 AF - Jarrob replaced Perl as Imperiate, Perl stepped down.


Entering the city through the carved tunnel, adventurers are greeted by the piked head of D'mass the Destroyer, a reminder that Cyrenians are a force with which to be reckoned.

West of the entrance gates is the newly built Resistance Bridge commemorating the formation of the Cyrenian Resistance and its efforts to retake the Tsol'teth-occupied city during the Third Black Wave from Sarapin 799 to Scarlatan 800 AF.

Going down from the Resistance Bridge, one can travel the length of the Shuun'eludiela running southward, revealed at the retaking of Cyrene.

Further west from the bridge is Centre Crossing, noted with the rise of its iconic Cyrene Clocktower, a marvel of engineering and timekeeping which marks the changes of day throughout the city. The original clocktower was destroyed in the retaking of Cyrene from its Tsol'teth occupiers and restored a decade later.

At the far end of Centre Street's vibrant shopping district sits the Imperium, an imposing building of classic design and the seat of Cyrene's government. The gardens of the Imperium, home to a group of fireflies, are world renowned for their beauty and variety.

In the west of the city is the Lyceum with the world's largest (by tome count) library, the Prosperian Athenaeum. Six themed collections aid in finding the correct book. The official librarian Zophia is an adept guide to the library's holdings.

To the south, is the Cyrenian Pantheon. The Pantheon has room and likeness for each God and Goddess, current and departed. From the Pantheon, it is a quick jaunt east to the entrance to the subdivisions, Terraces at Lake Muurn and the Dockside shopping district.

To the west of the Cyrenian Pantheon is the city's graveyard, expanded to accommodate the fallen of the Third Black Wave.


Aside from the various guards found along the streets in Cyrene, there are a few notable citizens worth mentioning:


The News can be accessed from Merrilon approaching Centre Street. To the east and west from the News are the Cyrene Savings Bank and the Post Office of Cyrene, respectively. Dalphon, the clockworker both repairs clocks and copies keys in his shop, Dalphon's Fine Clocks and Keys, just around the corner from the News. The arena, named Ainghaeal's Nest, is in the southern part of town near the marina. The baths are just off Merrilon Avenue, across the way from the Imperium which houses the government offices and the Imperial Library, both office and library are off limits for non-citizens. Most recently, a stable has been added to the city where Altaca, who used to be the city's butcher, cares for the citizens' beloved mounts with the help of the former Tsol'aa stablemistress, Viol'aa. The Lyceum, located in the northwest section of the city, houses the Prosperian Athenaeum, as well as the denizens Indalecio, the city tutor, and Ophilia, a botanist who sells a few floral arrangements. Finally, those wishing to sell rat corpses can find Jorj in the courthouse. The subdivision, Terraces at Lake Muurn, boasts quaint garden lots as well as dramatic beach-front plots suitable for building.


Cyrene has two main shopping districts. The first extends east to west along Centre Street, which includes Artisan Plaza and its famed fountain. Frederica runs Rurin's shops and they are located around the Plaza, as well as the Commodities shop and many adventurer-run stores. Martina's sweet shop is a favourite by locals and visitors alike. Ruminic street running south from Centre Crossing has a handful of shops along the way to the southern shopping district. Blu's Den of Delights, Cyrene's own gift shop, sells items unique to Cyrene. The southern shopping district surrounds the subdivision, near Cyrene's arena while just beyond one will find an archery supply shop managed by Maltero, the fletcher. Cyrene's shops provide a full range of wares sold by shopkeepers from all parts of Sapience. For the convenience of shoppers, there is a "Merchant's Directory" at East of a Fountain in Artisan Plaza.

Dining and Recreation

There are a variety of eateries to be found in Cyrene. South of the Artisan Plaza, Amadeo, the waiter, has tasty and affordable wares to sell at a roadside cafe. Rodwin, a young travelling food seller, who patrols the street from west of the Fountain to near the baths, sells his special ice lollies along with hearty fare once offered in The Cyrenian Brewery. The brewery itself provides a selection of alcoholic beverages served by a handsome bartender, a lazy waitress, and a busy waiter. The dining room of the Dancing Boar Inn has a selection of food and beverages, sold and served by Dianthe, the serving girl. North of Cyrene's gift shop, Blu's Den of Delights, Melodia, a siren kawhe server, sets up her kawhe kiosk, selling light refreshments. In the rowdier part of town, Sir Lance, a fun-loving satyr bartender, sells an array of beverages and appetisers inside the Ram's Horn Bar.

Gamblers from around Sapience come to the Dancing Boar Inn to visit Merindia, the blackjack dealer, and Tatalia, the roulette attendant, to play their gold or lessons for luck. The Ram's Horn Bar has more than food to offer. Shadya, the bellydancer, will dance for you and more, for the right price. For the more refined Sapients, and some friends of a boy called Otis, the gardens behind the Imperium provide a nice setting for a romantic picnic. The Imperium itself houses a ballroom for formal occasions and is ready to use at all times thanks to Lucia, the housekeeper. Named for the spirit of the Forest of Light, in which the early settlers of Cyrene began building their home, the Theatre Prophasia was once host to the infamous Raphella, the diva. Now deceased, it is only her colleagues Maestro Lucciano and the stage director Emelio that remain within the grand theatre. The theatre may also be used by adventurers to stage their own productions. Visitors and citizens alike may be visited by Baltas, a fiery aileushan, a former loyal who was gifted to Cyrene by a Celani. Another loyal appeared following the reclamation of Cyrene, an oscillating lake wyrm at the edge of Muurn Lake in the city.

Famous Faces

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Streets: Bard's Way, Centre Street, Cliffside Road, Darfinia Lane, Fair Seas Lane, Herald Street, Marina Road, Ministrickle Road, Merrilon Avenue, Ruminic Street, Shuun'eludiela (river), Spirit Lane.

Shopping Districts: Artisan Plaza, Ruminic Street, Fair Seas Lane.