Ancient Circle of Druids

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The Ancient Circle of Druids
Leader None
Patron Gaia, the Wildwood Queen
Leadership Style Elected Autocracy
Founder Haidion
City Eleusis
Classes Permitted Druid
House Tutor Jallah
Heraldric Arms Per bend sinister Vert and Or, an eagle volant dexter chief of the second and an oak tree sinister base of the first
Icon The Verdant Plinth

The Ancient Circle of Druids comprised the oldest organisation of forestals in the land, dedicated to the preservation and nurturing of nature. The House was dissolved in 678 AF along with the Sentinels of Nature and the Sylvanic Fellowship Houses as part of a sacrifice to help cleanse Eleusis and the Eastern Ithmia from the effects of the Ventos Allegos.

Historically, Druids as a whole had avoided cities as they tend to be involved in political and moral issues that detract from the dedication to Nature. As testament to this, up until 619 years after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire, druids were not permitted to join cities, and could only choose to join the village of Eleusis upon reaching full member status. However, in recent times, the Druids had changed this policy, and required that newbies and aspirants of house rank four or less be citizens of Eleusis, allowing them to leave only after graduating into full house membership. Citizenship in any other city was not permitted. As a result of this general detachment from urban affairs, the Ancient Circle of Druids maintained neutrality in all issues that did not affect the well-being of Nature.

Around the Year 678AF, the Ventos Allegos, a minion of Lady Lorielan, destroyed all the Icons ending with the fall of the the Stag Crown. When the Sentinels Icon fell the Ventos Allegos travelled trough the Shadow Icon to the Eastern Ithmia. With the presence of Ventos Allegos being to much for the forest and Eleusis, the trees and woods began to become distorted. Awaken from her slumber by the arrival of the creature, Lady Artemis and Lady Gaia combined their powers to rejuvenate the forest and removed the Ventos Allegos. With the surge of natural energy, the trees and plants began to heal along with the hollowed trees of the three forestal House estates, dislodging and effectively dissolving them.


The Ancient Circle of Druids was originally founded by Haidion in 172 AF as the Druids Guild, composed of those Druids most fervently dedicated to the preservation and nurturing of Nature.

Political History


194 AF - Lady Gaia became the first Patron of the Ancient Circle of Druids.
293 AF - Lord Lupus replaced Lady Gaia.
540 AF - Lady Melantha replaced Lord Lupus.
611 AF - Lady Melantha was slain by Sycaerunax, leaving the house without a Divine Patron.
615 AF - Lord Neraeos accepted the invitation to become Patron of the Druids.
618 AF - Lady Gaia accepted patronage of the Druids after Lord Neraeos graciously relinquished the role.

Leadership - Guildmasters

172 AF - Founder: Haidion
187 AF - Buckthorn replaced Haidion as Guildmaster.
197 AF - Ragnorak replaced Buckthorn as Guildmaster.
209 AF - Imlorien replaced Ragnorak as Guildmaster.
212 AF - Daelvenmere replaced Imlorien as Guildmaster.
216 AF - Charnley replaced Daelvenmere as Guildmaster.
225 AF - Zandramas replaced Charnley as Guildmaster.
233 AF - Kissandra replaced Zandramas as Guildmaster.
238 AF - Sog replaced Kissandra as Guildmaster.
241 AF - Mandrake replaced Sog as Guildmaster.
254 AF - Gunthar replaced Mandrake as Guildmaster.
256 AF - Orina replaced Gunthar as Guildmaster.
280 AF - Istavan replaced Orina as Guildmaster.
284 AF - Orina replaced Istavan as Guildmaster.
292 AF - Tigrayne replaced Orina as Guildmaster.
314 AF - Deonymus replaced Tigrayne as Guildmaster.
328 AF - Conor replaced Deonymus as Guildmaster.

Leadership - Lords/Ladies of Nature

328 AF - Conor became the first Lord of Nature.
455 AF - Kaiya replaced Conor and became the Lady of Nature.
505 AF - Brae replaced Kaiya as the Lady of Nature.
604 AF - Oceana replaced Brae as the Lady of Nature.

Icon History

414 AF - The Verdant Plinth was raised.
497 AF - The icon was destroyed by Mhaldorian forces.
576 AF - The icon was raised once more.
628 AF - The icon was destroyed by Ashtani forces.
634 AF - The icon was raised again.
677 AF - The icon was destroyed by Ashtani forces.


  • Jallah, Eldest of the Druids, resided in the hollowed trunk of the ash tree that was the estate of the Ancient Circle, existing as their tutor.