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The central known continent of the realm of Achaea, Sapience, stretches from the north pole to just north of the equator. It is the birthplace of many of Achaea's native mortal races, home of six city-states, and host to the Garden of the Gods. The super-continent is bounded to the west by the Sefyric Ocean and to the east by the Eusian Ocean. Southwest of the continent lies the volcanic isle of Polyargos, and further south, Shala-Khulia. Off Sapience's southeast coast lie the isles of Ulangi, Mysia, and Zanzibaar.

In the ancient tongue of the Tsol'teth, the word for aboveground Sapience is "Tezlari-tarin."

During the Year 500 shiprace, it was discovered that Sapience has a sister continent named Meropis.