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Aemilie, the Eleusian weaver, is the most prominent of merchants in the forestal village of Eleusis. The flaxen-haired Siren can often be found within a hollow of a huge oak in the lower of her two small shops, Silver Threads. Items for sale include journals, archery supplies, and a number of containers. The entrance to her gallery, Art of the Wilds, is also located nearby, where visitors are able to purchase wooden decorations such as birdhouses and statuettes.

In the past, Aemilie has suffered and survived hostile takeovers of her shops by Felisse's thugs as well as the master merchant, Rurin.

Silver Threads

Map-embossed leather journal - 7500gp
A sheaf of fine parchment has been bound with an exquisite leather cover. Left a natural tan hue, the outside is rubbed with oils to preserve the quality of the leather and enhance the grain. A detailed map of the continent of Sapience sprawls across the front and back, embossed directly into the leather and highlighted with dark ochre dyes. The endpapers of this journal contain smaller maps of the outlying islands and northern villages, as well as the known extra-planar regions and a few notes on their exploration. Attached to the spine is a long leather strip which serves as a bookmark, embossed with the image of a water lily.
Jewelled silver journal - 6300gp
This journal is a magnificent work of Eleusian craftsmanship. Its covers have been covered completely in silver leaf, and the emblem of the Goddess Demeter has been set into the front cover in miniature emeralds. Silver hinges hold the journal together, and it has been filled with silver-coloured parchment. It is truly a beautiful thing to behold.
Journal of the elements - 6300gp
The covers of this journal have been carefully covered in a tight black leather. Their corners have been covered in a sparkling platinum. Atop the front cover of the journal are four flat gemstones arranged around a flat diamond, and thin silver piping connects all the gems into a compass of sorts. The north stone is an emerald with the symbol of a tree within it. East is a topaz, bearing a swirl and a cloud. To the south, a ruby with a flame has been set and a sapphire sits to the west, bearing the imprint of a water droplet. The centre diamond bears the image of a starburst. The journal is bound with blackened steel hinges. Beautiful champagne-coloured parchment fills the volume, edged with gold foil.
Sparkling midnight blue journal - 6000gp
This journal bears beautiful leather covers, each stained a deep midnight blue. In the centre of the front cover is the embossed image of a five-pointed silvery green star. The corners of the journal's covers are covered in a fine silver, and the volume is bound with silver hinges. A wealth of cream coloured parchment fills the journal, each page edged in silver foil.
Dusky grey journal emblazoned with a pentacle - 6000gp
This journal is held together with beautiful silver hinges. Its covers have been tooled from the finest leather by Eleusian crafters and dyed a rich smoky grey colour. The grey seems to swirl in a mesmerising pattern. Filling the book is a sheath of cream coloured parchment edged in white gold foil. The symbol of a pentacle has been emblazoned on the cover of the journal.
Journal made from pressed leaves - 6000gp
This beautiful journal has been fashioned from stained cherry-coloured leather. Pressed into the leather are a plethora of leaves as they have fallen from Eastern Ithmian trees in the autumn. The entire spine of the journal has been glazed over with clear wax, and it is held together with burnished bronze hinges. Filling the journal is a stack of crisp cream coloured parchment, each edged in gold foil.
Rich journal of forest green - 6000gp
Tooled from fine Eleusian leather, the covers of this journal have been dyed a deep forest green. Images of Sentinel companions can be seen embossed on the cover - the fox, the butterfly, the badger, the wolf and the raven all surrounding the lemming. Burnished bronze hinges hold the volume together, which is filled with copper-coloured parchment edged with bronze foil.
Rounded box of oak leaves - 100gp
An assortment of broad oak leaves has been coated with wax and formed into a box with rounded edges. Fitting over the box is a matching lid, with an acorn affixed to the top as a handle. A strong vine wraps around the box and is wound about the acorn, holding the package securely shut.
Woven basket - 100gp
Thin strips of young white oak are bent and woven around each other in a symmetrical pattern, forming a square basket. The bottom is reinforced with a thin, flat piece of oak and lined with a white linen cloth, perfect for holding anything from fresh blueberry pie to a bouquet of fresh flowers. A white satin ribbon with the words "Silver Threads of Eleusis" printed upon it is tied to the curved handle.
Shady green backpack - 250gp
A dark leaf pattern is stenciled over the deep green canvas of this durable pack. Crossing over the chest is a single strap, lightly padded for comfort, which allows the weight to spread evenly across the back. Sewn to the front of the pack are a series of small pockets, obscured from view by a large flap which folds down and is secured by simple wooden toggles. The result is a smooth, unobtrusive profile, the ideal match for a forestal ensemble.
Eleusian ivy scabbard - 750gp
This magnificent leather scabbard is crafted from fine boar's leather of a rich brown hue, conditioned to a slightly reflective sheen. Appliqued to the surface is a pattern of green ivy leaves, the piecework stitched on with precise handiwork. Worn over the back, several adjustable leather thongs are designed to wrap over the shoulders, under the arms, and across the chest, ensuring that the sheathe stays comfortably in place when a weapon is drawn.
Green-dyed leather quiver - 250gp
A sturdy piece of buckskin has been dyed a deep green hue and shaped into a quiver to be slung over the shoulder. The precise, even stitching along the seams is reinforced by an inner casing of tough rawhide, with extra padding at the bottom to cushion sharp arrowheads. An exquisite rendering of a mature oak tree is inked in dark brown on the outside, its branches spreading over most of the surface.
Eleusian bow - 800gp
White polished oak wood crossed with a silvery iron bow form this elegant lightweight crossbow. Detailed vines are painted in green ink on the white wood. Elegant in design, but with an undeniable deadly power to propel arrows.
Forestal arrow - 5gp
The long slender shaft of this arrow is the shade of dark green that best blends with the forests, making it nearly invisible in natural surroundings. The arrow head is chipped obsidian honed to a razor edge, and the fletching is well-balanced and bleached white, so that it easily takes dye.

Art of the Wilds

Mahogany squirrel statuette - 35000gp
Carved by hand from rich mahogany, this lifelike wooden squirrel could easily fool a hasty observer. The deep grain in the wood follows the contours of her body, every detail from her sleek fur to her delicate whiskers incised with precision. With her bushy tail held aloft and bright eyes of polished obsidian, she clutches protectively to an exquisite acorn carved of oak.
Ebony tengu statuette - 30000gp
Blackest ebony has been shaped by a masterful artisan into the form of a small kitten. A pair of sleek raven's wings are outstretched behind her, and her tiny paws seem to bat the air playfully. A tiny silver chain attached to the base of her neck hangs from the end of a tall shepherd's hook, which is firmly affixed to a decorative base of cast iron.
Antique wooden toadstool - 25000gp
This oaken sculpture stands nearly two feet high, a giant replica of the tiny toadstools found throughout Sapience's forests. Carved and painted with care, its broad, high-sloping cap was once bright red with white spots. Time has worn away much of the paint, leaving it faded but with a distinguished appearance.
Grizzly bear statuette of aged redwood - 20000gp
A large piece of redwood, aged to a dignified grey colour, has been handcrafted into the form of an adult grizzly bear. Resting comfortably at his sides are his massive forelimbs, set with a gleaming pair of authentic claws. His eyes gaze intently ahead of him as he stands proudly upon his back haunches in a deceptively relaxed stance.
Jambaali statue of light maple - 15000gp
The subtle tones of maple are a perfect accent for this exquisite carving of a duck-billed jambaali. Even the fur on the bear-like creature is detailed with the utmost care, looking startlingly real from only a few feet away. In his paws he holds a dried honeycomb, and an intelligent expression is carved into his gentle face. The wood has been conditioned with honeycomb wax to preserve it, emitting a delicate fragrance and giving a rich sheen to the piece.
Wooden birdhouse - 900gp
Painted white with a roof of cheerful green, this tiny replica of Eleusian architecture invites a variety of birds to nest within. Round doorways on either end greet the avians with a selection of perches, while the space inside is large enough to accommodate a growing family of chicks. Looped through two iron rings atop the roof is a pair of vines for hanging the birdhouse.