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Made famous by the decisive battle waged upon it during the War of Humanity, the nearby plane of Nishnatoba has been popularised in modern times by combatants and warriors alike, as it is one and the same with the interior battleground of the Matsuhama Arena. In every known area of Nishnatoba, you may be killed at any time, for any reason (or no reason at all), and without retribution.


When a House receives an icon, that icon is placed on Nishnatoba. Each icon has a specific area of the plane set aside for itself, and all such areas are restricted to ten rooms or less. These areas may be travelled to by touching an icon's correspondent Shadow Icon on the Prime Material Plane.

The following areas of Nishnatoba are set aside for House icons:

Fallen Icons

The following icon areas have become inaccessible, having had the icon they contained destroyed after what was a long battle in each case:

Note that the following icon areas are still accessible, though the icons that once resided in them have since been razed down: