Sect of the Black Lotus

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The Sect of the Black Lotus
Leader Jacen Caedus
Patron Twilight, God of Darkness
Leadership Style Elected Autocracy
Founder Changcoix Ni'Choya
City Hashan
Classes Permitted Monk, Runewarden, Magi and Blademaster
House Tutor Kai-Shen
Heraldric Arms Sable, on a bend cotised Argent, three lotuses of the first
Icon The Triune Globe (Destroyed)

The Sect of the Black Lotus was the name of the House originally known as the Kharon, a monk class guild based in Hashan, Crown of the Ithmia. Their house estate, the Monastery of the Black Lotus, provides quarter and supplies for loyal members.

Through the ideals of discipline, respect, and unity, each member strives to accomplish the perfection of one's body, mind, and spirit. Members of the Sect pursue excellence in any field of achievement, be it exploration or combat, art or philosophy, or politics or theology.


A first-generation Achaean monk of great power, Changcoix (born Ero 22, 156 AF) was originally a member of the Sentaari guild. After a dispute with Kothlun, the founder of the guild, Changcoix went on to establish the Kharon sect of monks in 174 AF. Nestled deep in the seclusion of the Dakhota Hills, they were a warlike order, and continuously fought with Ashtan, even establishing a short-lived Kharon Empire in 184 AF. Legend has it that the guild often besieged the city and after one such war they were offered a settlement. They would stop attacking the city and join it, gaining free access in exchange for helping defend it from southern invaders. Being only 39 years old at the time, the guild was relatively young and the offer of a city home and support system was attractive. They accepted the offer to relocate their monastery within the city and renovated the old Minorus Basilica, an abandoned Church fortress, into their living quarters. For nearly three decades the Kharon fought for Ashtan, helping to repel many attacks and joining in offensives alike. But after a time they began to disagree with Ashtani politics. Some in the city were pushing for peace with Shallam and the hawkish Kharon rejected this attitude. After many chose to ignore their position, they finally broke ranks with Ashtan and the Kharon monastery was removed stone by stone and relocated to the village of Hashan in Lupar, 238 AF.


In the year 688AF, following the events surrounding the Sundering of the Crown, the members of the Sect departed from the Monastery, effectively disbanding the organisation, and joined the citizens of Hashan in reshaping the focus of their city. The estate still stands in Hashan, a testament to its inhabitants' centuries of dedication.

Political History


??? AF - Lord Twilight replaced Lady Ourania.
??? AF - Lady Artemis replaced Lady Ourania.
566 AF - Lord Twilight replaced Lady Artemis
593 AF - Lord Scarlatti replaced Lord Twilight.

Leadership - Guildmasters

174 AF - Founder: Changcoix.
192 AF - Laergon replaced Changcoix as the Grand Father.
195 AF - Damascus replaced Laergon as the Grand Father.
200 AF - Morpheus replaced Damascus as the Grand Father.
205 AF - Rancid replaced Morpheus as the Grand Father.
215 AF - Mesmer replaced Rancid as the Grand Father.
219 AF - Gijan replaced Mesmer as the Grand Father.
238 AF - Element replaced Gijan as the Grand Father.
250 AF - Skarash replaced Element as the Grand Father.
258 AF - Tranquility replaced Skarash as the Grand Father.
266 AF - Keitaro replaced Tranquility as the Grand Father.
278 AF - Oolok replaced Keitaro as the Grand Father.
286 AF - Aringar replaced Oolok as the Grand Father.
329 AF - Lavender replaced Aringar as the Grand Father, becoming the Grand Mother in turn.
333 AF - Fendo replaced Lavender as the Grand Mother.
347 AF - Lavender replaced Fendo as the Grand Mother.
366 AF - Fendo replaced Lavender as the Grand Mother.
401 AF - Alyssia replaced Fendo as the Grand Mother.
403 AF - Markuth replaced Alyssia as the Grand Mother, becoming the Grand Father in turn.
417 AF - Timotheus replaced Markuth as the Grand Father.

Leadership - The Acendants (Triumvirate)

422 AF - First Ascendant: Timotheus.
436 AF - Draqoom replaced Timotheus as the Ascendant
437 AF - Timotheus replaced Draqoom as the Ascendant
437 AF - Evie replaced Timotheus as the Ascendant.
442 AF - Spire replaced Evie as the Ascendant.
452 AF - Morwen replaced Spire as the Ascendant.
456 AF - Ciries replaced Morwen as the Ascendant.
457 AF - Panpardus replaced Ciries as the Ascendant.

Leadership - Grand Parents (Autocratic)

462 AF - First Grand Father: Panpardus
488 AF - Alasha replaced Panpardus as the Grand Parent.
516 AF - Branwen replaced Alasha as the Grand Parent.
520 AF - Bleak replaced Branwen as the Grand Parent.
528 AF - Lyradil replaced Bleak as the Grand Parent.
533 AF - Branwen replaced Lyradil as the Grand Parent.
541 AF - Bleak replaced Branwen as the Grand Parent.
552 AF - Ruth replaced Bleak as the Grand Parent.
571 AF - Karai replaced Ruth as the Grand Parent.
589 AF - Keneanung replaced Karai as the Grand Parent.
591 AF - Branwen replaced Keneanung as the Grand Parent.
602 AF - Deladan replaced Branwen as the Grand Parent.
612 AF - Jacen replaced Deladan as the Grand Parent.
625 AF - Okk replaced Jacen as the Grand Parent.
635 AF - Eld replaced Okk as the Grand Parent.
??? AF - Hhaos replaced Eld as the Grand Parent
??? AF - Okk replaced Hhaos as the Grand Parent.
??? AF - Jacen replaced Okk as the Grand Parent.

Icon History

??? AF - The Triune Globe was raised.
??? AF - The icon was destroyed by Mhaldorian forces.
??? AF - The icon was raised once more.
635 AF - The icon was destroyed once again by Mhaldorian forces.


Located in the Monastery of the Black Lotus is Master Kai-Shen, the tutor. Mistress Sadira, the Calm, also resides within the monastery and sells goods to the members of the House.