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Pandora, The Wayward Heir
Realm Self-Determination and Mischief
Symbols a silver hand
Relatives Aegis (father)

Eris (mother)

Pandemonium (brother)

Allies see Relatives
Enemies Slith
Order Name The Miscuri
Temples Temple of Pandora, in the Dakhota Hills

Pandora, The Wayward Heir, is the lady of trickery, mischief, and rebellion.


The daughter of Eris and Aegis, the Gods of Chaos and War, Pandora's twin brother is Pandemonium, the God of Strife.

Eons ago, Pandora took the Caduceus of Castigation, a precious artefact belonging to Sarapis, while the Logos was away. She then proceeded to wreak havoc across the lands, turning various of the mortals She found amusingly frail into maggots, cripples, and mutes. Her overuse of the artefact caused it to fuse to Her hand, making it necessary for Sarapis to amputate it from Her wrist upon His return. Both angered and amused by Pandora's escapades, Sarapis branded Pandora with the title "Goddess of Mischief" so that mortals would know their peril when She was near. Those who follow this fun-loving Goddess worship Her at the Temple of Pandora.

In the year 811 AF, adventurers gathered for a party, which unbeknownst to them turned out to be a coming of age party for the Goddess Pandora. During the party Aegis asked Pandora to take Her rightful place at his side and she refused. After rejecting Her Father's offer and rebuking what was expected of Her, She took on the mantle of The Wayward Heir and expanded her realm to rebellion against the status quo.

The Miscuri

Little is known of the devoted followers of Pandora.

Divine Symbols

Her symbol is a silver hand, modelled after the one constructed for Her by Lord Phaestus to replace Her amputated appendage.